For Real. For Real.

"And He's made us like Him. That's the joy of it."

“…for Satan himself claims to be interested in the betterment of humanity, masquerading as an angel of light and truth.” (2 Corinthians 11:14, Remedy)

MAN BUILDS FOR HIMSELF idols of wood and stone, of human flesh. He bends and bows to things with no more power than a water faucet. Then comes up with “new ideas” to promote selfish ideals and ungodly opinions, naming them tolerance and putting “month” at the end. This is donut month. It either seems really stupid (okay, it seems mostly stupid), or men get sucked into it in the name of “the betterment of humanity” and suddenly it’s everywhere. People don’t get this part.

The devil acts like an angel. He shines his little flashlight and men, like bugs, flock to it. It makes them laugh and smile, or kiss and hug, so it has to be good. Well, jump off a cliff and for a moment, you’re free as a bird. But the grounds coming up at you and you have no wings. Godliness seems like a bind until the grounds coming up at you and God has wings for you. I did the whole free fall, but I knew He’d catch me before me and the turf did a Frenchie. I saw the flashlight and trust me, the Sun’s better.

This is like reading the King James Version. If you read it like a modern person, it makes no sense, but if you think like those in that day, it makes perfect sense. If you think like the devil, then that flashlight is … so … preeeetty …. (snap out of it). What? Where? If you see it like God does, then you’re all, “There’s that devil which I defeated.” And He’s made us like Him. That’s the joy of it, that He gave us wings for-real-for-real. I mean, God could sniff and wipe out all of the devil’s work, and one day, He will do that and consume all death with His presence, but for today, He has made us as He is so we can literally walk above that old stupid fathead.

And we’re back to that ol’ why. Why doesn’t He just fix everything? Because revelation knowledge of who He is is given individually. It’s personal. If He just “fixed” everyone then some people would turn on Him because what they know isn’t from their heart. There is really only one revelation necessary to change the heart, and that is to confess Jesus as Savior. To see His death and Resurrection was for you and to say so. If you never grew one inch after that, God is merciful and you’d see heaven, one day. But though we cling to the Old Rugged cross, we must know “up from the grave He rose, Jesus my Savior.” We can live so much higher than that initial moment of salvation.

Knowing who we are in Christ and who God has made us to be is the only betterment of society. It gives you spiritual eyesight where the devil’s flashlight looks like a flashlight. Jesus said, “If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness (Matthew 6:23)!” You can get used to living in an empty room and straining at the gnat you cannot see. Where, alternately, we go from gazing from a distance at the mountain on the horizon to standing over it and realizing it’s someone’s old armchair.

Satan is a liar and a deceiver. He has wiles or strategies. But God is wisdom, and His wisdom in us is well-able to keep us from being deceived. This is why Jesus came, to be the truth that sets us free.

Image by Sandra Schön from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author