My God

"We lay down our burdens and pick up His, and the lighter weight of it requires less of us and more of Him."

WHAT EXALTS ONE MAN HUMBLES ANOTHER. What fills one man with pride is the reward of another who didn’t seek it. The blessing of a good man is the greed gained by another man. The earthly system battles each other for power and substance that God gives freely to the generous, the obedient. There is not a pedestal and a stepping stool for one, a throne for another, but a differing point of view of the same goal. One met by selfishness. One met by holiness.

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness of it. He is Adonai, Lord of Hosts, and Jehovah. The heavens and the heavens of heavens are His. What He created, He sustains, His life, the power that causes it to continue. Though the world bows to the demonic, to the pulse of arrogance over money and opinion, the God of all, the God I know, who is both the detail behind the miniscule and the majesty of the immense, who is the glory of kings and the blessing of nations, or the downfall of both, holds no pride in either. Where man would have made of the clay, a thousand tiny pieces, He, instead, came Himself to make of them a new being, to bless it, and to heal it.

That God, my God, met me in a bathroom where I lay crippled by the demonic that others embrace for their success. He didn’t judge me, didn’t criticize me, He made no corrections, He comforted me instead. He is quiet, gentle. Good. Though in His palm sit the stars, their magnificence ever-expanding, though at His breath a fetus grows, kicks and strains at his mother’s womb, though He does things infinite and beyond my understanding, He lowered Himself to my need, content to be there, His strength beyond words, His touch without price.

It isn’t the clawing and fighting that makes man advance, nor intelligence and high degrees. A man may make millions and die surrounded by them, but it is his character people remember. It is his blessing on others that marks him. And deeper within him, it is his heart that makes him God’s. Dollars are merely chains if gotten outside of Christ. Worldly attention, though given at times, turns to dust in the eyes of Him who created you when that is all that holds it together. The sustaining of a man, whether people know of him, whether he earns reward, can only be justly gained through godliness. Unjustly gained, they are paper in the wind. Given by the One who made all things, they are for His glory.

And the man who doesn’t seek the attention of men but that of the God of heaven will gain more and do more through his display of the character of the Savior than any effort done on his own. Pride goes before a man falls because there are no legs beneath it, because the blessing of God falls only as He has spoken. We lay down our burdens and pick up His, and the lighter weight of it requires less of us and more of Him. This was His desire from the moment of Jesus Christ’s dedication, that He would live as a man of His Father’s will and bear the weight of our hearts so that we need only carry the cross He has given. As He submitted to what was laid upon Him, we submit to what is laid upon us, that being the humility and meekness of the kingdom of heaven. Not as weak souls, pushed to and fro by the winds of people’s movements, but strong enough to sit in patience until our God answers.

For this is who He is. To me, He has proven Himself, though I did not ask it. With my eyes on the floor, He became my gaze, and for that, I will lift whatever He hands to me, and gladly. For no other paid the price He has to earn the right He has to be both the King who returns triumphant in clouds of glory and the laughter I have, late at night, alone in His presence.

Matthew 5:3-12, Remedy
(3) “Blessed are those who know their spiritual need, for they will receive the Remedy from heaven.
(4) “Blessed are those with tender hearts—those who feel the pain that selfishness causes—for they will be comforted.
(5) “Blessed are those with humble hearts—who surrender self in order to help others—for they are living in harmony with the kingdom of heaven.
(6) “Blessed are those who hunger to be renewed in righteousness—to overflow with truth and love—for they will be filled.
(7) “Blessed are the merciful—those who are compassionate to others—for they will experience mercy.
(8) “Blessed are those whose hearts have been purified in other-centered love, for it is they who will see God.
(9) “Blessed are those who seek peace, who seek to reconcile all people—of all nations, races, and cultures—to God for all time, for they will be known as the children of God.
(10) “Blessed are those who are persecuted for doing what’s right and loving others more than self, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
(11) “Blessed are you when people turn against you, misrepresent you, say all kinds of evil things about you, and persecute you because you accurately reveal me and my kingdom of love.
(12) Rejoice, knowing that you are being treated just as God’s spokespersons who lived before you, and be glad because you have a great reward in heaven.”


Suzanne D. Williams, Author