God Thinks Big (And Small)

Sometimes God thinks BIG.

He saved a man and his family and two of every kind of creature from an earth-dissolving flood by enclosing them in a single boat. (Ge 8:1)

He split the entire Red Sea, 169,113 square miles of water, in order to cross some two and one-half million men, women and children to the other side on dry land, then crushed the enemy army in one huge wave. (http://www.askelm.com/secrets/sec107.htm)

He resurrected a dead man who'd been gone for three days, healed another being let down through a roof. He touched blind eyes, made a leper whole, fed five thousand people with a handful of bread. (Jn 11:34;Mk 2:4;Mt 11:5;Mt 15:30;Mk 6:44)

God is god of BIG things. He can move mountains into the sea. (Mt 21:21;Mk 11:23) He'll make you the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. (Deu 28:13) There's nothing too big for Him to handle, no sickness too strong He cannot heal it, no person's life too large, He won't reach down and change it forever.

He is able. He is willing. He will do it. (Jn14:4;2Co 9:8;1Th 5:24)

But God is god of SMALL things, too.

He fed a prophet with a group of ravens.(1Ki 17:6)

He defeated an army of an estimated 135,000 soldiers with only three hundred men. (Jdg 6:5;Jdg 7:7;Jdg 8:10)

He killed a mighty Philistine using the slingshot of a boy. (1Sa 17:50)

He brought to earth the Savior of the world through the faith of a young girl. (Lk 1:34)

God sees the small things, knows their intricate nature, the finest thoughts in man's heart. He will provide for needs and desires we've given up on because we said, "God's too big for that." What we thought He ignored, He didn't. What we thought He didn't care about, He does. What we thought was too huge for Him was in actuality very, very small.

No sin, no sickness, no financial failure is out of His scope. The devil will never be stronger than God, smarter than God, and definitely not more powerful. This is, after all, The Almighty, The Great I Am, who can do everything from give light to the earth to comfort an adulteress fallen at His feet. (Jn 12:3)

God exists outside of time, outside of distance, outside of size. He never sleeps, never quits, never gives up. (Ps 121:3)

Comfort yourself with that.

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author