Think. Speak. Pray.

Note: Above is the sunrise on the date this word was given to me. This the second time recently (the other was June 17) when I saw the sky split into light and darkness in this manner.

On June 30, 2021, the LORD spoke the following words: Think. Consider. PRAY.

Plant seeds and reap a harvest. I have given you the rain in your land in its season. I have promised I will not flood the earth again but make it bring forth and bud. (See Genesis 9:11)

Take dominion. Speak the Word. It will not return you void but will prosper in the thing whereto you send it. THINK. SPEAK. PRAY. (See Isaiah 55:11)

There is a war in the heavenlies. Light is absorbing the darkness. Do not fear the change. Take authority over it (darkness) and push it back into place.

I have given MY CHURCH all authority over all the powers of darkness. This is absolute. The devil cannot change it. He can only deceive. People continue to be deceived. They walk in darkness in the midst of GREAT LIGHT. Some will see it (the LIGHT). Some will not. Many will come to a knowledge of the Son. SONLIGHT will shine in their eyes, and the Father will reveal Himself. (See Luke 10:19)

I judge no man before the time of judgment comes. I do not look forward to this. To judge my creation, made in my image, in my likeness, and to condemn it, how hard that will be. I love them still, and my mercy is everlasting. But then, the time of the end of all things will have come. (See Mark 13:7; 1 Corinthians 4:5)

Now, today, my judgment comes against wickedness. To NOT judge would allow their deeds to continue. But this is not that final judgment I spoke of. This is a cleansing, a RETURN to righteousness. I am raising a godly standard and RESETTING the earth into its proper place.

I showed you the future, formed, and weighed. [From Suzanne: This is a reference to something I have not shared.] It must, IT WILL, follow my already-ordained plan. Even in this, the devil has no choice. He cannot go against what I have chosen. These are my rules. It is my game. He has already lost. I hold all the cards. He has none. Instead, he FAKES and FEINTS to deceive. He is an actor of great renown like much of Hollywood. Why do you think he does so well there? He is a liar and the father of all lies. (See John 8:44)

Consider this. I DID NOT FATHER THE LIE. I AM TRUTH. I CANNOT LIE. When I speak, my words create and form and bless and DO GOOD. I cannot respond any other way. (See John 14:6; Titus 1:2)

The belief (that) harm comes from me is a lie. The belief I wish my image to suffer is a lie. The belief I turn against the likeness I created is a ridiculous lie of the highest order.

What man builds a boat, takes it out on the lake, and sinks it? I can see it now. "Film at 6. John Doe built the finest watercraft today. No finer boat of its type has existed. But unfortunately, the world will never know about it because he sunk it on Lake Titi-CACA." People would shake their heads and wonder what went wrong with him.

Yet, for some reason, I am accused of the same. "Oh, here is man in my likeness, after my divine image, endued with MY PRESENCE. Now, watch as I sink him below the waves. Look! Isn't this fun?" I have become a laughable, cruel image, instead of a God of virtue and a conquering hero.

You create your heroes. Spidermen. Superheroes. You give them powers GREATER than natural law. Well, how about this? I CREATED NATURAL LAW. I AM WELL ABLE TO DELIVER. I AM, IN FACT, DELIVERING RIGHT NOW. THE RESET HAS BEGUN. I MAKE LIGHT TO DRIVE OUT DARKNESS.



“And this is the reason a man leaves his father and his mother and is UNITED with his wife; the two come together as one flesh.”
(Ephesians 5:31 VOICE)

All else is deception and confusion. The enemy has done what the enemy does, created a lie and helped men to swallow it. They trust in the lie. They alter their lifestyle according to the lie. They defend the lie. The rage against the effects of the lie and blame those "people of God" for what the lie has done to them.

Notice that no amount of their rage or their false celebrations (for why celebrate a lie?) ever solves their problems. There is no solution within the lie. That would be like building a skyscraper on a foundation of cardboard paper.

I see through the lie, and my people who are called by my name can also see through the lie. But hear me now in this. I do not judge the confused (man). I do not condemn him. I do not measure him against the lie and detail how far he's come up short. There is no "big sin" and "little sin." All have sinned and come up short of MY GLORY. WHOSOEVER will come to me, I will heal and RESET. (See Romans 3:23; Revelation 22:17)

I am in the RESETTING business. I sent MY SON to RESET the world because my love consumed me. It consumes me still. I would have the world know, and I need my church to tell them. NOT JUDGE THEM.


I have come to execute judgment already given against the demon powers acting on earth. Some men will fall prey to their work. They will believe and defend the lie to their own detriment. But I never wished this upon them. They chose it. Nor do I celebrate as a wicked man will who has his revenge.

We spoke about this before. [See this link.] My vindication is not like yours, that of fallen man. Raise your thinking, my creation. Do not compare me to the enemy in any manner. He is a liar. I am the truth. I am God. There is none else. (See 1 Kings 8:60; Isaiah 46:9)

Think about your dog, Isabelle. She knows Ashley's voice. Does she not? You held the phone to her ear and though she could not see her beloved master, she knew her. [From Suzanne: This happened twice recently. Both times, although Ashley was not home, Isabelle heard her speaking and ran to the door.]

My sheep know my voice. They hear me speaking in this hour and will not let go of my promises. America shall be great again, and she has a faithful, believing remnant to thank. She has ME to thank. For I commissioned them to PRAY, and when they did, I answered. They decreed and all of heaven leapt into their places. They (the remnant) said jump, and my hosts asked, "How high?" Because they (my church) ARE THE IMAGE AND THE VOICE OF ME.

I judge (in order) to save, not to destroy. If left unchecked, how much destruction, how many lives will be affected (by wickedness)? Many. The unborn, the mother and father of the unborn, the gender confused, and a generation raised with no knowledge of who I really am. All around them are false walls, false images, lies upon lies upon lies, and I MUST HAVE THEM. I MUST! MY LOVE DEMANDS IT, and my love comes now to cleanse.

Remember it is light that drives out darkness. Not darkness that drives out more darkness. I will not use man's methods. There is no hate in my actions. I do not come to destroy but to seek and to save that which is lost. I come to heal the mind and the heart and in healing, to flood the earth with MY GLORY. GLORY such as the world has never seen. And in the flood comes rescue to the hurting, the dying, the confused. In that flood comes an end to compromise and conformity. In that flood comes mercy and compassion mixed with boldness and strength and a NEW CHURCH fully made in my image, after my likeness. (See 2 Corinthians 4:6)

Now, GO and DO. Heal the sick. Raise the dead. Watch a lame man leap and praise God. Open blind eyes. Mend broken hearts and turn the spiritually sick toward THE LIGHT I sent to save them. Take dominion over the darkness. Command it to leave. And watch the change in the atmosphere. Watch the victory. Then celebrate, but do so, with your boots on. For the work is not complete.

I will have my church without spot or wrinkle. I will have more with me than is with them. More to live than to lose.

We will work for the night cometh when no man can work. I will remove my church in great glory (first). It is sooner than you think. But not yet. Not yet. There are too many people made in my image to lose. Too many. I will not settle for this. I will raise up a generation such as the world has never known, and the sons will save the fathers, the daughters will save their moms, and aunts and uncles will come to me because of the voice of a child.

"Come see Jesus. Come see Him." And they will come, and I will rescue with everlasting life in abundance. Joy unspeakable and FULL of MY GLORY. See lives changed by this. (See 1 Peter 1:8)

Get ready. Get ready. Get ready. For the HEAT WAVE is coming. Watch as I burn the chaff and walk MY CHURCH straight through the fire. Watch as, while evil turns to ashes, MY CHURCH comes out cleansed. Vessels fit for the Master's use, spreading the oil of joy and gladness across the earth. (See 2 Timothy 2:21; Isaiah 61:3)

I will convert NATIONS. Watch me work in places where the gospel should not reach, places under the thumb of demonic government, places under centuries of false beliefs. Peoples who have known only statues and rituals and things of men. From the gutters of life, I will create leaders of renown. From the hidden places of hills and forests, men and women of GREAT FAITH. No one will stop me. No man can take my place. No destruction shall come nigh MY DWELLING place. And no word spoken against me shall prosper. My prophet decreed this, and it remains today. No gates of hell shall stand against my church for I have all the keys. (See Isaiah 54:17; Matthew 16:18)

Unlock the door and enter in. Find pasture and refreshment and abundant blessings, so many you cannot contain them but must share and share and share again.

Go yet therefore and LOVE them. For this is MY WAY. Love, in me, never fails. Never. Even when you don't like them. Love anyway. And love fully, to its greatest extent. Don't skimp. Give and give and seek to give again and I will multiply it back to you 100-fold. More love than you know what to do with. You will look up and search for the hate and not find it, not even remember it was ever bothersome. There will be no barrier of race or color or culture or upbringing. You will search for it and not find it; my healing will be so complete.

So look up and take hold of redemption. See it sweep from sea to sea and watch as the change happens. Watch me return to you, my nation, your liberty. True liberty founded on my principles, dedicated with blood. Fought for and won because I decreed it. I worked it then, and I work it now. No demon of hell, no false imp of false promises, will stop me.

I will have this nation, and all nations, for an inheritance. Watch closely what comes in your northern neighbor. Watch closely, the move of God in Canada. Watch closely, the border with Mexico. Watch as I set up a framework, a wall of my choosing and a gate with my door, fashioned by me. (See Psalm 33:12)

Watch the Son arise and shatter the darkness, hovering over thee. Breathe deep of freedom but don't sit. Don't linger at the starting gate. Lift up your feet and RUN. Run to obtain all I have for thee. Unity and deliverance. Salvation. Life for babies. Changes of hearts and minds in the people you pass on the street. (See 1 Corinthians 9:24)

Some will say, "Do you know Jesus?" and revival will start right there. You and them and ME.

“Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.”
(Psalms 68:1-3)

Suzanne D. Williams, Author