Forever Forgiveness

"Here in the midst of our mistakes, He abides with us, His love for us outstretched."

WHAT WE FORGET, what we neglect, God remembers every word, knows every footstep. We push things aside, not wanting to remember, but He is never absent of the details. God, in fact, sees sin everywhere, every day, though He is outside of time. The Holy Spirit lives within men on this earth. He “comes into contact” with sin all the time. He is holy. There is no sin in Him, no sin in His presence, but Jesus’ death and Resurrection brought us cleansing and forgiveness, and recreated our spirit man so that we’d be free of the power of sin and the effects of death. God knew we’d sin. He planned to forgive it.

The apostle Paul in Romans 7 and 8 groaned about the power of sin. We want to do one thing, the right thing, but end up doing another thing, the wrong thing. We fight against ourselves in this manner continually. In frustration, he cried out, How can we be free? The answer He gave is Jesus Christ. In Him, there is no condemnation. In Him, there is forgiveness and freedom from sin. In Him, there is the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and the reassurance that we are children of God. Every time we turn to Him, He reminds us of John 3:16.

The Old Covenant disciplines, the severity required for sins before redemption, the need for a yearly sacrifice and strict cleansing to enter the temple were only for a time. They looked forward to Jesus Christ, who would fulfill the requirements of the Law, and in fulfilling it, write a new beginning for mankind in His shed blood. It was never possible for animal deaths to free us from sin, nor for our actions as outlined by the Law which brought atonement, to ever cease until Jesus’ death and Resurrection. God knew this when He wrote the Law. In fact, He planned Jesus’ sacrifice and victory before the beginning of time.

Satan was an angel of light who sinned without any pressure to sin from the outside, and his sin caused his fall from heavenly places. In short, God kicked him out. Jesus made this statement, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven (Luke 10:18).” Satan fell and lost everything, all the beauty and glory of God’s presence he had, all the authority. But until Adam and Eve’s sin, there was no death on the earth. Deceived by his own sin, Satan turned his deception on God’s creation – this man made in God’s image after his likeness – and death entered the heart of man and with it, death came to the physical body.

Jesus undid all of that. He redeemed man from sin and the power of sin. He restored our authority over the devil and his stupid fathead demons, His shed blood provides healing for the mind and the body, and though there is still death on planet earth, one day it will all be consumed by the Holy Spirit, whose presence and power is forever cleansing, forever forgiveness. Here in the midst of our mistakes, He abides with us, His love for us outstretched. His mercy and longsuffering, always working on our hearts, exactly how is best for us, individually. He is sensitive to us, seeing our every thought and motive, before we think or speak, seeing our likes and dislikes down to the finest detail and working in us God’s goodness, as we each have need of Him.

He speaks only of Jesus, though He is a being separate from Him, and He is the breath of the Father, always in unity as God. But He is the anointing in the Anointed One (Christ), and there can never be and never has been any separation between them. He is the reason Jesus could carry the weight of all sin. No human could do that, on their own. But Jesus was the Christ, filled without measure with the Spirit, and because of the Spirit, accomplished all that God set out to do. For this reason, we must see Him as holy, as purity and integrity and truth, but always with an awareness that He knows man’s mistakes, our every stumbling, and faltering footstep.

He is not out-of-touch and unable to deal with sin. God is on the throne of heaven, yes, and Jesus is at His right hand, but again, it was because He knew all the details of man’s sins that Jesus came to earth. He made the way for us to be free of them by His “being in the trenches,” where He remains with us to this day. But ultimately, with a plan to heal the entire world – nations and governments, individual people, the death and decay placed upon landscapes and animal life. What He made as very good, He will restore. It’s written in the Book. And until then, He is given to us as the power to enforce the authority that Jesus restored to men.

Prophet Hank Kunneman released a word Sunday, March 17, 2024, which began with the voice of the Holy Spirit then changed tenor, several minutes in, and the Father spoke. It bears repeating that they are three – Father, Son, and Spirit – but they are one, in complete unity. To those familiar with their voices, the difference in speakers was obvious. Jesus, too, speaks separately and has His own unique manner. I bring this up so that you will choose to listen and become aware of them. I have learned to hear through writing and personal reflection during a time of hardship, but they are not strictly speaking to me nor to known prophets. They desire to speak to you, but hearing requires listening and listening asks you to make them a priority over other things which steal your time.

“I am coming home to you now, but I say these things while I am still here on the earth so that they may see the importance of daily heart-searching conversation with you, and experience the full joy that comes from constant unity with you.” (John 17:13, Remedy)

Begin with a certain amount of time each day. Set aside an hour to worship, to read and study, and to hear. God’s voice will always bring peace. Even if He gives correction, which is not a daily, continual thing, peace is the result. There is never, ever condemnation, confusion, nor doubt. There is never any suggestion toward evil. He forgives and, in gentleness, corrects. His love is always on display, and for whatever He asks you to do, in whatever He says, His love is always the felt reality of it. We are to have joy and peace in believing that we may abound in hope, Romans 15:13. So what you hear will always encourage and uplift you. Sometimes, not with words but with His presence within you and surrounding you. His goodness is always the center of what He reminds you of and never any motive to frustrate or anger you. That is the devil.

It brings me great relief to know God knows me, knows my every thought and word. I never have to explain myself to Him or dig up an excuse. He loves me despite my hangups, and if I will continue to press into Him, if I will seek His face and lean into hear His voice, the washing of the water of the Word will both cleanse me of sin and renew my mind, pulling down the strongholds of thinking in me. He is good and doeth good (Psalm 119:68). I am made new to be like Him, holy as He is holy, but only because He works His holiness within me. He chooses to forgive, and this is the heart of the gospel that Jesus, while living amongst sinful men, gave His life to bring.

“For the Scriptures tell us that no one who believes in Christ will ever be disappointed.” (Romans 10:11 TLB)

Image by Sophia from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author