He Knew

"He knew who He was and what would happen and when."

HE KNEW WHO HE WAS. He knew what He'd come to earth to do. He knew the cost. He knew the victory.

He knew the power of God. He knew He was God. He is God. He knew He always had been. He knew He knew eternity, that He was the Christ. Adonai, Jehovah, Yahweh.

He knew He was the Son of God, conceived of God, prophesied by God through prophets of God, and foretold by angels, for those made righteous.

He knew He was the Lamb of God, which would take away the sins of the world. He knew His shed blood would provide physical and mental healing for all who would believe.

He knew He was the Good Shepherd, the Great Shepherd, and the Good Physician. He knew He was the bridegroom, for the church which was to come.

He knew was the King of Israel and the King of the Jews. He knew He was the King of Kings. He called His Father Lord and knew the Spirit of God as Lord and knew He was Lord of Lords, and They were in perfect unity.

He knew He was the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace spoken by Isaiah.

He knew He was the "I Am" which called out to Moses from the burning bush. And the glory on the mountain that caused it to shake and thunder. He knew He was the Word in the beginning, and He would be the ending when time, as He set in order, became complete.

He knew Solomon's temple when it was created and knew He was all of its elements, furnishings, and sacrifices. He knew He was the Great High Priest and that its earthly priests would place Him on the altar for crucifixion.

He knew He would die. He knew in what manner and why. And though He knew He had command of legions of angels, because He'd committed to it before the earth ever was, He knew He'd be beaten and disfigured, mocked and condemned. But He knew His Father would recreate His human spirit, He’d be the first begotten from the dead, the firstborn of many brethren, and in three days, He’d rise from the grave, in a body remade perfect.

He knew His death would defeat the enemy, that old accuser, the devil, because He saw him fall from heaven, stripped of all his power and beauty. He knew there’d be a triumph in the heavens, the defeated enemy on display, and He knew the power He’d recaptured would be His people’s forever.

He knew and gave up the power of His Godhead to walk on earth like a man. He knew what He would gain, who He would gain, and who in Him, filled with His Spirit, they would become. He knew and He fulfilled all of it, every jot and tittle. He knew that He is, because He was, and would forever be.

“I have told you before it happens, so that when it does, you will be confident that I do know the beginning from the end—and none of this has taken me by surprise—and your confidence in me will then increase.” (John 14:29, Remedy)

Wall Image by djedj from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author