More God. Less Broccoli.

"...if you fall in love with Jesus."

IF YOU SIT IN THE CUBICLE and spend all day reading the Word of God because you feel obligated and are being forced to, then you will hate it and be miserable. We do not like doing what we are told to do outside of our interests. However, if you fall in love with Jesus, in love with the Holy Spirit (He’s so precious), and with the Father (the most precious of all), then you will sit in the cubicle all day and be blissfully happy. Plus, your desire for them will open up the Word to you. Suddenly, you will see things you did not expect, and the Spirit will speak to you loud and clear. You will understand Him and He will tell you the most amazing things. We are to “hunger and thirst after righteousness.” This is a picture of our desire.

When someone desires to go to a particular restaurant and have tacos, then being forced to eat broccoli at home is upsetting. But if you have a lust for broccoli (okay, who does this?) then you will love every luscious bite. I should have reversed this. To equate the Word of God with broccoli is just wrong. But in any case, the issue is our desires, and we have been promised in the Word that God will give us the desires of our heart. Not what we are wanting outside of His will, but the desires themselves will be within His will. We will want for us what He wants for us, and reading the Word of God and hungering after it is God’s deepest desire.

Because in His Word is renewal of our mind. We won’t think like the man who would rather be doing something else. We won’t struggle with things that are taking us away from time with Him. We won’t listen to things that are not morally clean or spiritually uplifting. Plus, in His Word is wisdom and understanding, discernment for right decisions. In His Word is freedom from anxiety and fear; there, with Him, in His presence is peace.

We become spiritually mature through our time meditating on the Word. We grow in faith because we know our God better. We know Him well, as a Father, as a Friend, and for this reason Christ came. So that we need never feel lonely and far away or confused and uncertain or sick and in pain. He gave everything so we’d have everything, and the One who did that for me is my greatest desire, time with Him in worship, His presence filling the room, better than anything else at any and every time of the day.

Psalm 127:2 VOICE
“God provides for His own.
It is pointless to get up early,
work hard, and go to bed late
Anxiously laboring for food to eat;
for God provides for those He loves, even while they are sleeping.”
*We can even go to bed in His presence and wake up in His presence. I wake up in prayer most nights because I’ve chosen to stay there, close to Him.

Image by Meranda D from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author