Merry Christmas from me to you.

The KING was born into an existing KINGDOM, whose citizens had lost their way. Deceived by the lights and sounds of an invisible presence, they wandered to and fro, lost in the maze built around them. They neither saw nor heard of HIS PRESENCE, did not acknowledge Him, nor listen to His cries. None knew of Him but a few whose selection had been chosen by the FATHER IN THE SKY whose hosts called out His birth, far and wide.

Thus proclaimed, He settled in to grow, to rise, to strengthen until the day of His CROWNING. But such a CROWNING would only come at the cost of achievement. Not until He’d followed the path chosen by Him, spoken the words given to Him, and faced the CROWD of the KINGDOM would His majesty be seen. Concealed that day, at birth, by the cloths laid upon Him, coddled by the parents given to Him, He startled no one, He made no honored entrance, saw no sights save the stable He lay in and a load of straw.

How could a KING of such coming renown begin in this way? One whose works would proclaim Him, whose wisdom would showcase Him, whose humility would match this. Given no castle to abide in, no hall to cast judgment in, He preferred the people He who walked beside Him, the streets that they did stride in, and the highways and the byways that spanned outward before Him. No coach-of-four did carry Him, He wore no cloak, held no physical crown, but that HIS KINGDOM was assured showed in every action He made.

From His lowly beginning to His blessed baptism came all of time’s fulfillment and the words of the prophets who foretold His meaning, spun where He walked. Where the waters did part, He sank and came rising. Where the Spirit did abide, where the feasts came from a sacrifice, there was He given, there was He forbidden, there was He condemned.

There was He proclaimed, and in those that walked which had been broken, and in those that spoke who had been silent, in those who saw who had been sightless. In the people, of the people, for the people, because of the people He was seen, was given. As the noise of a rushing river is heard far and wide, He was announced. All who looked could see Him, all who listened could believe Him, but though they heard, they didn’t hear, and the KING fought the KINGDOM for its rebirth.

How could a KING form His WORLD in this way? From a virgin birth and a stable’s sanctuary, to a rescue in a land far away, a boy in a town where only a few did stay became a man with the grit to face the unseen power which held the land in its sway. And here was His purpose. A KINGDOM STOLEN, a KINGDOM DERANGED, would only come to its rebirth if the KING HIMSELF without honor, without bidding, led the DRAGON to its downfall through HIS OWN DEATH.

A defeat, meant to be a victory, came from a child born in obscurity, who walked as men do, though His FATHER was the GREATEST ONE OF ALL. Born a CHILD, raised a MAN, recognized a PROPHET, hung a LAMB, crowned a KING, honored as GOD, seated as ONE with all those who chose to recognize Him in a KINGDOM made for HIM which will survive because of HIM and abide forever with HIM.

“I did not see a ‘holy place’ in the city, because the presence of the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb make the entire city a holy place. The city does not need the sun or moon to provide it with light, for the fiery presence of God illuminates it, and the Lamb is its guiding light.” (Revelation 21:22-23 Remedy)

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Image by Sincerely Media at Unsplash

Suzanne D. Williams, Author