This prophecy was posted on social media on December 18, 2021. I felt to repost it this evening. Note that the repeal of Roe vs. Wade was fulfilled.

***THIS MORNING, I had a vision of the United States wrapped in Christmas paper. I asked the LORD, “For me or for you?” He replied, “Both. For us.” This was followed by a vision of a moving truck, driving in reverse. I asked, “Who’s moving?” He gave the name of four prominent figures, then said, “Roe vs. Wade,” and “mandates.”

He has talked to me extensively about LOVE, over the last week. This morning, He tied a number of the threads together. Perhaps, in a future post, He will allow me to explain, but for today, He says, “GOD’S LOVE creates more of itself. It can't NOT create. LOVE gives birth. To babies. To marriage covenants. To ideas and inventions. To wisdom. To friendships. To salvation, to the NEW BIRTH.”

I will bring to this nation a NEW BIRTH of freedom, CONCEIVED in the very heart of God, a NEW BIRTH of LIBERTY found only in the strength of His Spirit. The power that raised Christ, the Messiah, from the grave with bring freedom.

“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” | Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, 1864

Do you wonder why they wrote that when they didn't really believe it? They prophesied the Father's will over this nation. “His will has yet to come to pass,” you say.

This does not make it NOT the Father's will. Can you not see the enemy's striving to prevent it? To disunite, to tear apart, to bring division and chaos from strife. (Jas 3:16) Why would he make such a huge effort unless this nation was blessed by God and thus held great power? Do you think, even logically, the Father would give that up? If He would even consider it, which He has not. Do you think I am KING of the whole earth and would cede the enemy even one tenth of my KINGDOM? I will not! I will not cede. I will not give even one inch. I have no need. I am KING AND VICTOR FOR ETERNITY. There is no match, no fight to war, I won it already.

“He has given up,” you say. “He has changed His mind. We are too fallen, too evil. He will not forgive.” What? Why is this your argument? I forgave all men with my death on the cross. Was that work unequal to the salvation of this nation? Did it not include its people in it?

Is there judgment coming? There is repentance. There is cleansing. There is mercy. You have me with an axe hewing down every tree. Where I would breathe life, you have me sending fire. In your eyes, I will burn down the forest and replant the trees. This is the way of men. I understand it. I am a man. But I am God, and hold the heart of the Father, and the hand of the Spirit, and we will not back down nor turn loose of this nation, for its rescue is the rescue of the entire world.

“Do you think so much of it?” you ask.

Yea! I think even greater of it with every passing moment. I cannot stop thinking of it. It is on my mind every minute, and the plan for its rescue already in place.

Walk by faith. This is what you refuse to do. But what a man hopeth for he does not yet have, but desires to obtain. (Rm 8:4) Why ask me to write the plans (down)? As if that will ease your self-imposed torment. There is peace in abundance in my Presence. Stand firm-footed in the peace of God and watch what will unfold from this day forth. (Eph 6:15 AMPC) Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD. (2Ch 20:17) But stand in joy. For joy is the measure of the Kingdom. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is joy, and what is joy but liberty from sorrow?

Do not mourn any longer. Cease your endless complaints, and turn your hearts toward praise, knowing salvation is all in my hand, where it has left an imprint, yea, a hole, eternal and forever.

Yet still you doubt. So, I ask, Am I enough? You rail against government, against costs and the strain of it, without placing trust in me. I ask again. Am I enough? Will I see your faith and provide everything you need? (Mk 6:8) So the price has risen, so the item is hard to find, stop raging against it and start believing FOR it. I can feed thee with ravens if need be. (1Ki 17:4) Is my GRACE sufficient or have I grown less and become weak? (2Co 12:8) Is heaven bankrupt now? Is the God of the earth consumed by debt or grief? Look up, your redemption draweth nigh, yea, is even now in the room, and the plan well in my hand, and your every need supplied.

Choose the LORD’s side where the provision of heaven waits in an account with your name on it. You have not because you ask not, and if you ask, you ask in doubt, your thoughts amiss. (Jas 4:2-3) Ask in faith. Refuse to waver like the sea (Jas 1:6), and instead, stand sure (confident) in what you shall see. Because you SHALL SEE it. I have not made my plan of rescue a secret. I have not hidden my love from view. Nor anywhere written a refusal to deliver.

From a virgin, from a girl who chose to believe, did the Father send the salvation of the world. If He could perform so great a miracle, what prevents Him from doing likewise for thee? If it is healing, I have provided it. It is abundance, I have more than enough. I came to lift your weights, to carry off your burdens, not add to them, and all of history was there in my act. (Is 53:4) Yea, the enemy has seemed to win at times, but never did his work supercede mine. Where are his victories now? What of his holds any authority over me? (Eph 1:21) He cannot change the future I have written. He cannot undo his defeat.

I was the WORD in the beginning, and I shall be MOST HIGH in the end.

Choose to be MERRY for this holiday which holds my name. Was not that my plan as well? Does not the earth call it this? Though they have tried, they cannot cancel CHRIST-MAS, nor will they prevent here the work I will complete. Or else I am not God nor Savior. Or else the Spirit has ceased to be. Or else the love of the Father has grown cold. Nay, it burns even hotter still, and in the draft of it, watch your enemies scatter. I speak not of people but the spirits behind the people, of the workers of Hades who have taken hold of this nation.

But I am GREATER. Hold fast and see a NEW BIRTH of LIBERTY, spun by the hand of the LORD and FILLED with MY GLORY. The mouth of the LORD hath spoken it this day, December 18, 2021.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author