BIG GOD. Small God.

"For God to be BIG. He had to be SMALL."

DO NOT GO IN THERE. It was a two-way street. The Holy Spirit could not be accessed with sin in your heart. Dress right. Linen clothes. Check. Cleanse well first. Mikvah. Check. And sacrifice correctly and say all the words as you were instructed. On the other hand, God wanted to be God on earth, for men to pray to Him, men to inquire of Him. But His holiness, being what it is, required a few instructions. Do all the points listed, then the priest will go in for you. What? I can’t go? Not today. Nor tomorrow.

The Holy Spirit put Himself in a box. I’ve mentioned this before, but the idea that the God of heaven and earth who hovered over the entire surface of the earth’s water, that’s some 197 million square miles of surface area, sat upon the ark, an object approximately 4’ x 3’, is an amazing thing. That shows His power but also His humbleness. With all of heaven at His grasp, that He loved people enough to become the mercy seat is beautiful.

But He was not content to stay there. This is the God who moved mountains from the midst of the sea, who parted waters and made dry land. Long before “before,” before the ark, before the people who carried the ark, and the man, Abraham, who’d fathered the people, before everything, BIG GOD planned to be BIG GOD to man. Only it would take getting SMALL to do it. Small as the ark, yes, but even smaller. Tiny, miniscule. In order to be BIG GOD to man, God had to become cellular. Hidden where no one could see Him. Not in heaven, He’s big there. Not in the temple, in comparison, He’s relatively big there, too. I mean, they put bells on the High Priest’s clothes just in case they had to pull Him out. Holiness matters. No, this was what He’d created life for.

Back when He made man and woman, when He blessed them and told them to multiply, when He created the womb for life to begin in it, He put Himself there. God who took the soil and breathed life into it, took Himself and planted Himself in Mary, espoused to Joseph, a son of David. There are these dot-to-dot books, where you connect the lines and an image forms. 8”x11” page, numbered dots, from 1 to 100. Yeah, well, this was a dot-to-dot, written by God and this moment was dot #1billion. God made Himself part of it. Not just the Author, not just the Creator, not just (insert all the names of God up to this moment), but an unborn fetus, a baby forming like any other, exactly how He’d made it.

For God to be big, He had to be small. For God to show Himself strong, He had to become weak. Baby Jesus needed parents to feed Him, to teach Him to walk, to give Him chores. Think of that. There’s God in the flesh with a broom. He became like us in order to save us. To be strong and defeat the devil, liar #1, who never had a chance to win anything (he had to steal to do it), Jesus had to live as man and do the things a man does, only without ever sinning. Once again, holiness mattered. God had to become the image of God in order to bring man access to God, and He had to rely on God in order to die as man so that He could return to God. God who gave man life had to allow men to cause His death.

The Holy Spirit came to live in men because God did what He’d planned to do, and did it well, and did it successfully. There never was any other ending. The God who hung the stars, who put the planets into orbit, who’d lived on a 4’x3’ box, who’d become an unborn child, who’d died a painful death as a man that He’d created, IS BIG IN ME, in us, where He wanted to be all along. We built Him a temple. He made us one. We hung Him on the cross. He raised us from the dead. He said Light be, and Light now shines from us, through our words and actions.

All that He is lives in me. The God that did all that, both BIG and SMALL, STRONG and WEAK, LIFE and DEATH, proved that we, His creation, are as powerful as He’d made us to be. But only when we are a part of Him. On our own, we falter. Bad decisions, bad choices, bad results. Iffy results. He is the source of life to us, both physically from creation, and now spiritually, because of Jesus Christ. Who was in the beginning, with God, as God, BIG GOD, to create men like Him.

“God promised this Remedy before the world was created and before humankind became infected with distrust, fear and selfishness. This is the Remedy told about by God’s spokespersons in the Holy Scriptures.” (Romans 1:2 Remedy)

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1 KJV)

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author