"Sure of one thing. Jesus."

Yesterday’s not like today. Yesterday, things happened how they happened, and I made my way through them, leapt over them, rejoiced in them. Today, the sun still rose but the clouds are different, and the grass seems … crinklier. Yesterday, I did three things. Today, I’ve not accomplished one. I mourn the one that I tried to do, sitting mid-afternoon at my chair, staring at the sun. Outdoors. I could be in it. Yesterday, I was. Today, I’m not. Tonight, I have hope for tonight. When day ends, when the moon rises, when the night owls awaken, things will shift again.

Life moves at a steady pace, one foot in front of the other, sometimes the left going this way and the right that way, sometimes splay-footed, sometimes in a race, but time pushes the pace ahead and the road keeps going forward, and we are all on it, looking back at yesterday, staring in front at tomorrow, uncertain about half of it. Sure about one part of it. Jesus.

“Stop worrying about how the future will turn out, don’t weigh yourselves down with imaginary future problems that haven’t even happened yet, and trust God with your future.” (Matthew 6:34 Remedy)

Suzanne D. Williams, Author