"The Shepherd's voice has life that the wolf's voice does not."

IF YOU WERE STANDING next to the Mississippi River one second and were whisked away the next, you would distinctly know the difference. There was a mighty river consuming the view and the atmosphere and now, there isn’t. This is what we expect of the difference between the Spirit and the devil. It will be vastly different. But instead, though the Spirit is that river, and an even bigger one that we can ever imagine, most usually our awareness of Him is more like a trickle. Standing next to a trickle of water then the trickle drying up, you won’t see it at first. In fact, nothing appears changed.

The devil imitates God, in word and voice and pseudo-action, and when man is not aware of the Holy Spirit, when He is not that mighty river in our view, then we accept what we’re hearing from the enemy. Awareness brings revelation. When Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice,” it is because they had heard it and knew the tone He spoke in, both how He sounded and what He would say. But more than that, the Shepherd’s voice has life that the wolf’s voice does not.

The wolf dressed up like a sheep, much like an old Bugs Bunny cartoon I remember from my childhood. The coyote, Ralph, was always trying to disguise himself as the sheepdog to get to the sheep, but little things didn’t look right. His brown feet hung out, or his nose was too long. The dog was never fooled. God is not counterfeit. He never imitates anything or anyone. He isn’t tempted by evil and tempts no one with evil. The devil, on the other hand, can sound like a trickle of water, although there isn’t one there, and because we aren’t paying attention, we accept what he says.

When we crave Jesus’ words, crave His voice, nothing else will ever sound like it. He becomes the Mississippi and the devil a drop in a leaky bucket.

“Do you realize the significance of what I am saying? The writings of God’s spokespersons have been confirmed, and we can be certain of their ultimate fulfillment. So if you want wellness, then take seriously the written word, allowing its light and truth to shine forth and dispel the darkness of misunderstanding and the distortions about God. Do this until the day Christ returns and the Brilliant One is fully reproduced in your hearts.” (2 Peter 1:19 Remedy)

Suzanne D. Williams, Author