In The Fulless Of Time

"The Father is our example. In faith, He spoke the world into existence. In faith, He planned its redemption. With patience, He waited for the Savior’s time of fulfillment."

FAITH AND PATIENCE inherit the promise. We have faith. We exercise patience. But there always comes a time of fulfillment. The Father is our example. In faith, He spoke the world into existence. In faith, He planned its redemption. With patience, He waited for the Savior’s time of fulfillment. And when it came, He experienced the promise. He became the promise. What was planned beforetime came into existence because of His restraint.

What we gained because of His promise is ours when we believe by faith and work toward it with patience and words of faith. We say not complaints, no more statements of doubt, but we trust in God who could show such longsuffering over many generations, throughout the bondages of Israel and their extreme examples of faithlessness. That He rescued them anyway and kept covenant with them until He could send His Son, and in sending His Son, did all that He’d written to do in the manner He promised to do it inspires our trust. He spoke faith. He showed exceeding patience. Knowing the fulfillment would happen as He’d decreed it.

We do the same. We place our faith in Him through our relationship with Him. As we know our family members, as we could order for them, as we could purchase for them, we hear their responses to questions we might ask, we have the Father’s words, written in the Word and lived in the Word, Jesus Christ. Upon salvation, we have His Spirit within us and with baptism, His Spirit upon us. We have His full salvation, given at the Resurrection.

Did the God who made the world, who adorned the earth with plant and animal, leave anything out? Would He now give only part of the promise? Having waited so long for its fulfillment, would He keep part to Himself? Or have such delight in its being done as He’d decreed? Why would He promise His Son such a demise, that His stripes would become our healing, His blood our life, then withhold their goodness to those for whom He died? Did the God who died for all, only do partial? Or is it that He made all, He promised all, He waited patiently for all, knowing He would do all, and having done everything, gave everything, so that He could love everyone to His completion?

His, not ours. He is fullness. He is exceeding, in size, in type, in quantity, in presentation, in power of doing. And we who were created by Him are no less now because of Him. What the enemy in haste tried to destroy, God in patience has forgiven entirely and poured Himself into. For this, in Him were all things created. In patience. One day at a time. For Him, now we wait, our eyes to the heavens, are hearts knit with His, ’til then, in faith believing for a glorious existence, the wealth of His goodness poured out upon us. His measure of faith in us combined with His long patience inherits to us what He promised to Himself, ere the earth without form and void ever was.

“But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.” (Romans 8:25)

Suzanne D. Williams, Author