Jesus Loves the Little Children

"God hungers to heal the hearts and minds of our children. But this requires something of us. We must let go of the world’s way of handling it and turn to Jesus."

WE HAVE SPENT TOO MUCH TIME diagnosing our children. Labeling them. And in doing so, we’ve created excuses for their behavior. For our own. We’ve allowed a multitude of professionally drawn psychological issues to hold more authority over who they are and who they will become than the future God has planned for them. Love has become a method of thinking instead of the character and presence of our loving Father.

Just as Jesus is Healer for our adult mental trauma, just as He bids us cast our own anxieties onto His shoulders, we must do the same with our children. We must teach our children to turn to Him. He knows our downsitting and our uprising. He also knows theirs. He understands our thoughts afar off. He understands theirs, too. There is not a word in their mouth but that He knows it altogether (Psalm 139). What we misunderstand, what we try to control through self-effort, He has endless wisdom and compassion to completely remove.

No child has to stay deficient or hyperactive or weak or uncontrolled. The peace of God which will guard our hearts and minds beyond understanding is available to them as well. God hungers to heal the hearts and minds of our children. But this requires something of us. We must let go of the world’s way of handling it and turn to Jesus. This does not mean avoiding medical care but instead placing an awareness of God in first place.

I have heard too many testimonies of children miraculously healed because their parents would not allow the devil to have his way. Although the doctors said this or that was the problem, they spoke the Word, they believed the Word, and Jesus who is the Word, healed their son or daughter. A boy who had never spoken was healed and spoke sentences, paragraphs. A little girl with alopecia grew a full head of hair. A son ate foods his body had refused, his entire life.

Jesus said to not deny Him the children. Don’t deny them His presence but pour into them that our Savior is their Savior. That He loves us, and He loves them, and healing is as much available in their lives as in any adult’s. Then live it as an example to them. They can pray in English or in the Spirit like mom and dad. There is no minimum age requirement on the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Just imagine a child who knows how to touch heaven in their prayer language! They can speak in faith as much as grandma does. They can learn the Word of God and have revelation of it. Just as they see it in us.

Don’t go to church and speak salvation then come home and teach doubt. Kick down the doors religious culture and worldly knowledge places in their way by giving them God’s truth. They shouldn’t ever have to unlearn wrong doctrine, wrong beliefs, because instead, they have grown up full of God. Erase from your heart any insufficiencies in them, any deficiencies, and pour in the Spirit of God. Stir up hope and turn right-side up, the glass of long life and good days that God has promised them.

“’For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the LORD. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’” (Jeremiah 29:11 NET)

Photo of Girl in Black & White (top left) by Thomas Rüdesheim from Pixabay
Photo of Boy in Black & White (top right) by Leroy Skalstad from Pixabay
Photo of Mother and Daughter (bottom right) by Tawny Nina Botha from Pixabay
Photo of Boy (bottom left) by Pexels from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author