Son of God. Son of Man.

"We are meant to see Him as Jesus of Nazareth. But we must keep Him in focus as God."

WE HAVE SEEN HIM AS A MAN but forgotten He is God. He was born as a man. He lived as a man. He died as a man. But He was God, His life and death decided before He formed the world. And He did form the world. He was God raised from the dead, restored to the glory He had as God before He became man.

He lived on earth as man, but He was still God. He wanted to be man, to feel our temptations, to overcome our sin nature, to redeem us from the enemy He saw fall from heaven as lightning. And He fully intended to defeat him. Because He was God.

He grew in stature and wisdom as a boy becoming a man. He learned obedience because He lived among us. But His being God was never in question. God was His Father, age 12. God was His Father, age 33. He was found in the temple speaking of His Father when He was a youth. He called out to Him when He gave up His life for mankind, as a Son of His Father.

We are meant to see Him as Jesus of Nazareth, who wore weariness at times, who experienced hunger at times, who laughed and wept, as we do. But we must keep Him in focus as God, who created the earth and yet wasn’t known as Creator by those He’d placed on it. He felt the pain of the cross. He bled in agony there. His body torn, He hung and died, every bit a man. But He raised from the dead with the power of God, as God.

He is Jesus, son of Mary. He is Adonai, Lord of Hosts. He is Jesus, brother of James and Joses, and Simon, and Judas. He is Jehovah and Elohim and El Shaddai and Lord of Lords. He was prophesied. He came and fulfilled it, every letter, every word spoken from men of different generations. As a man, born an infant, raised a toddler, fed a teenager, baptized a prophet by a prophet and the power of heaven descending on Him.

We see Him as a man who suffered and died, and He wanted this. He decided it and never turned His back. But we worship Him as God who did what no man He’d made could because when it began and when it ends, as God, He is greater than any principality and power that tried to kill Him as a baby, tried to tempt Him as a man, tried to destroy Him at His crucifixion, but stared Him in the eyes as King of Kings. As God.

“For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.” (Matthew 18:11)
“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God;” (Mark 1:1)

Photo by CharlVera at Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author