"Lighten up and get serious."

A WHITE SKY hides behind white clouds. From all I can see, the sun has given up on everything. The weeds in the garden have taken over. It appears the entire thing has gone to seed. Chaos on earth melds with ho-hum days, and for all we know God's up in heaven playing football. Go back for a pass, Son of God. It'll be a short one. I haven't the arm you have.

Or maybe you have the opposite image. God's SUPER busy. He, like, never takes a break. Rarely smiles but is all work and has no time for piddly things.

Except pomp and circumstance. Every song in heaven is choirific, 1,000,000 voices in perfect tune and cherubic angels swishing their wings. So, okay, they probably do that. But what happened when Johnny Cash arrived? It was all a burning ring of fire, and Jesus got His country on. What about Martin Luther King? What if he crossed paths with Queen Elizabeth? We could toss in some pilgrims and see what happens.

What's the point, Suzanne? I've been sticking with you this far. There’s your raised eyebrows facing me. Point is the same one I make ALL. THE. TIME. Stop judging others. Love. Bless. Do good. Pray. Those are our instructions. Enemies. Friends. Weirdos. We are to be like Jesus.

Which is another point—Jesus is a Jew. He is not Catholic or Protestant. He died for Esau AND Jacob. He died for Pharisees and Roman soldiers. He died in order to rise again. And in rising, to be King of everything. Israel, England, the good ol' USA. Yes, folks. Jesus is King of this republic. And maybe just maybe He is capable of saving it. Maybe God had a plan long before what we are facing happened, and we should trust Him.

Maybe Jesus laughs and plays football. Maybe the Holy Spirit writes Beast Mode. Look it up. Maybe the. FATHER, caps on purpose, likes a good laugh at our silliness (actual silliness. I’m not being sarcastic). Maybe in between Holy-holy-holies, He shuffles His feet to Tauren Wells.

Maybe He's a romantic. Yeah, like He made man and woman and said (throat clear) have children. Wink. Wink.

Lighten up and get serious. Talk to Him. Learn who God is. Become as close to Him as you want to be. Jesus made the way, and they long to talk to you. Stop drawing empty outlines and fill them in with actual relationship. You will be surprised and reassured by what you discover.

Because they ARE faithful and eternal. They DO love to the greatest extent. They also roll their eyes from time to time (Psalm 2). That probably more than we think. Oh, get a grip, Chip. God made people. God loves people. So we love people. And we love God.

Psalm 11 (12) Knox

“Lord, come to my rescue; piety is dead; in a base world, true hearts have grown rare. None but exchanges empty forms of speech with his neighbour; everywhere false hearts and treacherous lips. Those treacherous lips, that tongue with high-sounding phrases; Lord, rid the earth of them! With our tongues, they say, we can do great things; our lips are good friends to us; we own no master. Now, says the Lord, I will bestir myself, on behalf of the helpless who are so ill used, of the poor who cry out so bitterly; I will win them the redress they long for. The promises of the Lord are true metal, like silver that is tested in the crucible, the stains of earth gone, seven times refined. Yes, Lord, thou wilt watch over us, and keep us ever safe from these evil days. See how the wicked come and go all around us, how they rise to greatness, this base breed of men!”

Image by Lena Helfinger from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author