"But what was the depth of sacrifice, what was the length of intention, what was the breadth of God's character displayed, was the height of glory."

JESUS. He is Alpha and Omega, the full width of God. Wide in compassion, in mercy, in love, in faith, in patience, in joy. The full essence of these. You can’t find any of them outside of Him. He is the extent of them. He is their beginning and their ending. There is no place you can go outside of His person to obtain them. He is the full extent of righteousness. The completion of redemption.

Jesus. He is the full extent of God’s intention for man. He is the entire expression of God’s willingness to save, to heal, to mend. He is the entirety of God’s action to fulfill His covenant to man. He is the heart of the Father’s desire to rescue. Where the breadth is the noun, the who, the length is the verb, the how.

Jesus. He is the abundance of the things displayed in God’s breadth. He is the depth of God’s wisdom expressed. He is the depth of God’s love shown in noun and verb. We cannot go more inward than Him, He sits at the deepest part of the Father. He is the center. Love where it springs as a fountain, the very Source of it bubbling up. He is the overflowing of it, continually pushing out more love, pushing out more wisdom. He is the deepest supply.

Jesus. He is the most extreme elevation, the furthest height, of God’s majesty and royalty. He is the zenith of His power. There is none higher, none more royal, none with more authority and dominion. None with more understanding. None with a greater grasp of the substance, the action, of all things. You cannot find any seated higher, but greater than that, you cannot find any power (strength of ability) greater than his. His authority is highest, but He sits at the uppermost point of any potency. Not in physical height but in standard.

On the cross, He hung above any other. On the cross, He showed how truly High and Lifted up God really is. On the cross, He poured out much deeper. He showed Himself the Source of the very nature of God. On the cross, He displayed the full length of God’s willingness to save mankind. On the cross, He stretched wider, to an extent no one can ever outdistance Him. There is no “all” given any greater.

But what was the depth of sacrifice, what was the length of intention, what was the breadth of God’s character displayed, was the height of glory. He gave more than any other, His life the deepest degree of offering, and He rose further than any other, seen in Him all of heaven in that moment of Resurrection. What was lived in its fullest on the earth, was laid down at its fullest on the cross, and was raised to the most extreme, to a supremacy none can excel.

And there, in that place, so earned, so planned for Him, there, where as the Head of all things, He is seated for all time, there in that completion of the action which He made, in the splendor of His holiness, He beckons us upward. To comprehend Him, to seize eagerly all that He is, to attain what He’s accomplished to the same highest degree, and possess the breadth of the love and mercy, the wholeness of His grace, for an eternity. For here and now, but forever, time at its greatest length, and heaven at its deepest value, spread out completely before us.

(Ephesians 3:18) “May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height;”
Breadth – The measure or extent of any plain surface from side to side
Length – The extent of anything material from end to end; the longest line which can be drawn through a body, parallel to its sides
Depth – Deepness; the distance or measure of a thing from the surface to the bottom, or to the extreme part downwards or inwards.
Height – the part that rises or extends upward the greatest distance : the highest part; the most advanced or extreme point of something : zenith
Comprehend – to take eagerly, that is, seize, possess, apprehend, attain, come upon, comprehend, find, obtain, perceive, (over-) take

Suzanne D. Williams, Author