Unalike Any Other


WE ARE PEOPLE WITH A COMMON IDEAL, joined by a common purpose. We are individuals, as unalike as any two people can be, or three, or ten. We stand out and stand apart at times but have one thing in which we stand together. A name. Yet more than a name. More than letters, consonants and vowels, more than landscape, although that plays into it. More than presence or prowess, education or financial prescience, our name is unlike any other name because of those who were willing to die for it. Because of those who crafted it, who battled for it, who stood in the face of great odds and covenanted together, in the face of God, to form a more perfect union. All those individuals, and from them, all these individuals, today’s parents, grandparents, children, born and unborn, descended beneath a flag – red, white, and blue – which refused to fall in battle but instead, stood out, shining bright above the bombs bursting in air and gave hope to those who desired a future, who desired a nation which would honor the flag they’d hung to represent one common ideal. One ideal which had caused them to declare their independence, give up their certainties, and lay all that we could be at the Almighty’s feet. Freedom.

Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

Suzanne D. Williams, Author