The Glorious One

Stand up, stand tall, hair out of your eyes, push back, O Christian...

I DON'T FEEL PEACEFUL. I don’t feel soft and gentle, like babbling brooks, and swaying breezes. Not “Just as I am” but “Let the Lion Roar.” I’m tired of sitting in place, listening to the whispers. I want to fight back, swing the sword, take out some enemies. I’m tired of ball gowns and shiny shoes. I hunger for armor, steel boots, a well-marked shield. I love to worship but right now, I want to roar. Stop the waltz; let’s exit the podium and go into the street, dig deep, and there amidst the soil and the spatter, put down our stones and let out a scream. Sweep off the glitter we’ve tossed upward, roll up the red carpet, and dig down to the pavement, with blood and sweat and tears.

A soft, well-dressed army in suits and ties loses a battle. There is a time for suits and ties, for hand-shaking and consolatory speeches, but today, here, right now where I stand there’s a shaking, a rattling, a shrieking guitar, an epic vocal. Fists balled, face red, I will plunge into the battle and take out what’s come against me with all of heaven behind me and HIS NAME on my lips. Take that, you foul spirit whose lying deception dragged me into a cesspool painted like heaven, who perfumed the offal to smell like a rose, and thought he’d stand o’er me victorious while the chaos arose. I will not sit here any longer, sinking into the slime, but rise up in the Spirit and push back what you’ve done. I’ll resist with the prayers of the righteous on my tongue and lift up from the ashes all you think I’ve forgotten. Not in my might, nor in my strength, nor in what I have done, but I’ll fight ‘til I’ve recaptured the glories He won.

Stand up, stand tall, hair out of your eyes, push back, O Christian, push back, both hands in front, and retake the ground you’ve been given. Retake the ground, remount, and ride forward, His banner unfurled, His crown in your vision. His victory aloft, level the mountains, raise the valleys, and straighten the crooked paths, for this place where you’ve fallen now glows with the presence of the GLORIOUS ONE.

SHINE ON, O KING! SHINE ON IN YOUR ROYAL ROBE! Shine forth in this hour and speak justice, declare truth, and blow the seeds aloft.

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” (Romans 8:1)

Suzanne D. Williams, Author