Strong In Us

The enemy enters through the mind, and often, first, through the flesh via aches and pains, and from there, into the mind. We feel and so we think on what we feel, and misery is the result. Picturing the body as a house, it is as if you have a tube into the building with the tube allowing the smoke of the enemy to enter. The physical happens and the smoke blows inward, filling the house of the mind.

Now, he cannot enter into the spirit man after salvation because the Holy Spirit fills it. But if, in addition to salvation, I am also filled with the Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues, then the Spirit flows up and out from the spirit man. In effect, He overflows, and when the Spirit is overflowing (flowing out) then other types of wind cannot come in. We are told to stay continually filled with the Spirit, and this is why. (Ephesians 5:18) Smoke cannot enter where the wind of the Spirit is flowing outward.

Jude says praying in the Spirit brings strength. (Jude 1:20) Why is this? It is because, as we pray, the Holy Spirit becomes strong in us. Through prayer, we are abiding in Him, and the more we abide, the more we know His voice, the more revelation He pours into us. And revelation received and guarded brings maturity.

Our prayers give Him power to work and corporate prayer (in the Spirit) joins the wind in me with the wind in you until you have a gale. What is a breeze from a fan compared to the wind from a hurricane? What blows out from me, affecting my household, is now joined with you, affecting cities, states, and nations.

There is an additional reason for this. Prayer in tongues is speech, and speech is required to exercise faith. Praying in tongues is an exercise of faith in which the Holy Spirit chooses the words, and they are always 100% accurate. We have authority over the power of the enemy, being humans on earth and now in the heavenly kingdom (Luke 10:19), but the Holy Spirit, with our prayer in tongues, gives us the right words. He is, in essence, a fail-safe (something having no chance of failure, infallibly problem-free).

It is what you breathe in that can kill you, not what you exhale, but what you exhale shows what you have inhaled. What comes out our mouth (of the word in faith) expels what goes into our ears from the world, the flesh, and the devil. Wrong words in. Wrong words out. Right words in. Right words out. Your words either tear down or they build. Prayer in the Spirit (in tongues) will always build. God is praying the will of God to God. (Romans 8:27)

Prayer (speaking) in our native language can also be done in the Spirit. This means not praying out of the mind but from the heart of God, and prayer of this type carries the weight of authority the Spirit of God needs to move. We can bind and rebuke the enemy in our native language (for me, this is English). But if we say nothing (no prayer) or if our prayer is not in faith (but in doubt), we give the Holy Spirit nothing to “plug into.”

Think of a refrigerator. God wants to flow His power into us, but he cannot reach out and grab the plug and pour Himself into it. Our words are the action that plugs in the appliance so He can do what He has promised to do. But it is of a finer point than that. He is precision, exactly the right amount of electricity for that particular appliance in that particular house, and the moment it is needed, if we stay filled and overflowing with Him, always ready for our needed use. Like a windsock. The windsock is held upright by the wind of the blower placed at its base. The stronger the blower, the more erect the windsock is. You will not get stronger than the power of the Resurrection Himself.

Prayer not only moves the Spirit upon the heart, overflowing into our own lives, but prayer removes obstacles that stand in the way toward someone’s full salvation. Some ask, “Why do I need to pray if the Spirit of God can just move in someone’s life?” Because people are led to Christ by people. It is the Spirit of God in you and upon you that draws them.

It is your behavior that causes them to see Jesus. And if not yours, then your prayer can remove wrong influences. It can remove people from situations, close doors that ought not to be open, open doors that those in need can step through. It can insert a laborer into their path who can shine the glory of the gospel. Yokes are destroyed because of the anointing released through prayer, and through prayer in the Spirit, we allow the Holy Spirit to apply our words perfectly to that situation.

Fervency in prayer, through practice in prayer, creates a deeper connection to the Spirit of God, and the deeper the connection, the stronger the man who hears. Time spent together always strengthens a relationship. Spend time in the Spirit through prayer, and soon, you will know His voice, and He will trust yours. He will speak because He knows you will treasure His words, hold His heart closely, and pray where He leads.

We place faith in Him, but even greater, is the faith He places in us, and it is as we show our obedience to pray, that we go higher, and He shows us more. Things too marvelous for words. And He fills us with joy unspeakable and full of His glory, every breath, every day.

For more on being filled with the Holy Spirit, I recommend "Carriers of the Glory" by David Diga Hernandez.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author