He Needs Us

WE ARE MADE IN HIS IMAGE. He was made in ours. Though He could have come on a white horse in kingly regalia, 10,000 angels riding at His side, He chose to become an infant, a helpless life that needed a mother and a father to care for Him. To feed Him. To clean Him. He came as a baby, and in fear of Him, an evil king killed every child under two years of age trying to snuff Him out.

Jesus told me, once, that He knew the name of each of those children. What is there to say to that? Of course, He does. He knew them long before that happened. The Spirit spoke of their deaths through Jeremiah the prophet hundreds of years earlier. Jesus came as in infant, knowing the lives of children would be lost. Knowing the lives of the world would be saved.

He was born to Mary and Joseph and grew up in the small town of Nazareth, amongst people who recognized Him when He spoke the prophecy of Isaiah, “This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.” (Lk 4:21) He looked them in the eye, as Jesus the Son of Man, as the Christ they’d longed for, and they were so angry they tried to toss Him off a cliff.

People who were children once, who were infants, who were the unborn, whose lives His Father knew when they formed in the womb, people the Spirit of God had breathed His life into, from a nation formed for this purpose, to save the entire world. Before the earth was formed, before light was spoken, before Adam walked in God’s dominion, Jesus was made for them. And they were made for Him.

We need Him, but He needs us. He was the final sacrifice of the Old Covenant; we are the salt placed upon it. His blood was shed on the cross for our healing; Salt is the greatest mineral found in blood. He is the Seed planted in the soil; our hearts are the soil which causes Him to grow. He is the Vine which springs up from the earth; we are the branches which show how fruitful He is. He is the Head of the body which we form. He fills us with His abundance; We fill the world with His goodness.

He is the image man was created from; We are in His likeness so that He could walk among us.

One day, the disciples had spent bickering, who was greatest, who would sit closer one day in the future, and Jesus took a small child and stood him amongst them. “Whosoever shall receive this child in my name receiveth me.” (Lk 9:47) Silence fell. What was there to say to that then?

What is there to say to that now? They didn’t see the scope of it. I hope we do.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author