Look To Jesus

IF WHAT COMES OUT OF A MAN is what defiles him, if, in converse, what comes from the heart shows who we are, then what can we say of God in this manner? When He speaks, what does He create? When He acts, what comes forth from it?

Look at creation. He did not create volcanoes. He created mountains. He did not burn the earth with fire or coat it with ice; when He hovered, when He spoke, He created light, He made from chaos, order and sequence. He created time, minutes and seconds, months, years.

He brought from the waters, creatures of such intricacy that no man nor other being could ever account for it. He gave order to ecosystems, made dependency of this creature on another. We look down to the finest details, down to cell structures, molecules, and DNA and can only see how detailed He is. From Him, came man, not as a subservient creature made to make Him look good, but made so perfect, so beautifully, that on Day 7, He sat and celebrated.

From Him comes love, comes joy and prosperity and success, and despite the sin that we introduced into His perfection, He set about to fix it all. From Him came redemption. From Him, came a Savior and out of Him unto us, is His own Spirit to give us wisdom and guidance to properly use the power He created.

Look to Jesus, now, and see who God is.

If His words were the Father’s, as He said they were, if His actions, His works were the Father’s, as He said they were, if He did the will of the Father, as He said He did, and in that will, He died as the sacrifice which would redeem mankind because the Father sent Him to do this, if He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil because God was with Him, and God was upon Him in the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit, if the Holy Spirit raised Him from the dead and set Him at the Father’s right hand, far above all principality and power and might and dominion and every name that is named, then why does anyone doubt this portrait of a loving God?

There, in the gospels, is a picture of who God is, of what is in Him that comes out from Him. Here is His salvation painted in full, and in John 3:16, the summation of it. He SO LOVED so HE GAVE of Himself to the greatest extent, to the utmost, but not haphazardly, nor with abandon, but on purpose, and in timing, and in order, and in great power that not even the enemy himself could see because if he had, he would not have crucified the Lord of Glory.

That makes it even more miraculous. That God set out to do it so specifically and every last detail which He arranged, far into the future, happened exactly as He arranged it, down to the mother of His son, and the man who would betray Him, and every ancestor of both.

The Spirit of God didn't grumble about the size of the task set before Him. The Savior didn't cringe when He took on flesh. The Father wasn't worried He couldn't pull it off.

That day when Eve messed up, when Adam followed after her in it, He said what He would do, knowing what imperfect, broken vessels He would have to use to do it. Those were, in fact, the point. He'd make of shattered clay, vessels of gold and silver.

This was no small feat for Him. This was no huge task either.

Bring Him the scattered pieces and from them, He'd craft something brand new.
He'd build a temple for His presence out of man's bad choices, grasping fears, and messed up lives. Not for Him was our self-perceived perfections. No intellect we'd achieved, nor financial wizardry, no physical embellishments, would make men chosen.

He didn't search out the best. That was, again, not the point. Instead, He'd take the least of these and make them into the most. He'd take the lowest ones and lift them to the greatest heights. From the discarded He would craft a treasure and fill it with the finest wine, prepared for the KING HIMSELF.

He chose to save those considered worthless. He chose to reform and renew and refire these overlooked pots into crystalline goblets, which caught the light cast from the throne and, in them, to show how abundant His love flowed.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author