I Am Working

Not every wind comes to bring change. Some stir what's in place.

“I open my mouth and inhale the Word of God because I crave the revelation of your commands.” (Psalm 119:131 TPT)

The multitudes cry out for provision. Who will bring it? (The multitudes cry out) for relief. Who will discern it? Who will walk upright, for the days are evil? Who will stand strong in the face of distraction? Stand tall, when the world kneels in defeat? Who will go forward when all that the enemy would force into the atmosphere would push against thee?

I am looking for one man, will I find him? And will anyone else notice? Or has all become one fatal stroke? NOT FATAL FOR I AM WORKING.

I am working in some while others withdraw. I see not the withdrawal but the progress forward. I SEE THE END I HAVE SET FROM THE BEGINNING. I see the weight of your footsteps and would add my own. Have added my own.

And here is the truth. Here is the test. Will you push with me? Or fall back in defeat, your head sick, your breaths stolen? I am breath. Inhale grace. Exhale defeat. Inhale strength. Exhale victory.


Polish the gold. Polish the silver. Prepare the linen. Your KING IS COMING to EFFECT, to RESTORE, to RENEW. To RECOMPENSE. And GREAT RECOMPENSE there will be for those who surrender. Who lay down their arms and walk in peace.

Not capitulating (to the enemy) but choosing TRUTH. Inhale grace. Exhale provision. Inhale grace. Exhale truth. Pour out the oil. Serve up (distribute) the wine and REJOICE. REJOICE!

Suzanne D. Williams, Author