In A Secret Place

I SAT DOWN TO WRITE and several restarts later, still stared at a blank page. The words laden on my heart simply wouldn’t form. There lay an image, a mental photograph which required one expression. Simply worship, which was really all I wanted to say. How do I tell people to slow down and give God a few minutes of their time? How do I explain to them how much He longs for it? How do I say that what seems like a bother when you first decide to do it, will become the greatest moments of your life?

How do I tell them this can be life or death? How do I say that there, in His Presence, is your next gathered breath? Pushed against the wall, with no way out, all I had to sustain me was worship. I knew when I opened my mouth and gave what sounded feeble to me, a weak hallelujah, a soft praise-the-Lord, that He would meet me there.

I knew that He would come into the room and fill me once again. I knew that all the things of earth which ate at me would grow strangely dim.

He seeks our worship. He thirsts for it. If I said this, would people believe me? If I begged, on His behalf, would they turn off the television, set aside their cell phone, and concentrate on Him? Life happens. I get that. People have jobs, families, pets, commitments. But the greatest commitment you can ever make is to raise your hands and worship Him. The most life-changing. The most Most.

Because hidden away, just you and God together in a secret place, He will surround you with the greatest peace. You’ll find His love there. You’ll know His voice. You’ll feel Him breathe. This is why He sent His Son to earth. This is why He gave His Holy Spirit. This is what the Father hungered for that He’d make such a sacrifice.

In our limited thinking, worship seems self-serving. Egotistic. And of men, it is. We worship sports stars, musicians, artists, for their human achievements. But this is Jehovah. This is Yahweh. This is the power that gave us life, physical and spiritual. This is He who restores the soul, whose goodness and mercy follow us all our days. Not because He wants the adulation for His own sake. He wants it for ours. Our worship brings Him into the room. It makes the way for Him to speak, and if ever you needed an answer, if ever you wanted healing, being close to Him is the way to find it.

Come boldly before the throne. Not brash, not loud and obnoxious, but come with your hands lifted, your heart in them, and fall on your knees. Head bowed, tell Him He is worthy of all glory and honor. Not once or twice, but again and again from the depths of your being. Mean those words and watch what happens, how this changes your countenance, your habits, your desires. Suddenly, He will become greater, all, everything. Suddenly, all those hobbies that used to matter won’t be so important anymore.

And your mornings, your evenings, your weekends, every waking moment, His to have, if He wants it.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author