Worth It

“Show me your best view of 2022.” To answer the internet challenge, the photographer posted a beautiful video of a southwestern canyon, miles and miles of ground carved into fantastic rock walls. Truly breathtaking. But what struck me the most, instead of the setting sun and the distant horizon, was the young woman standing center of the image, her head turned toward the camera laughing.

I scrolled to the next video, and here again, someone had filmed a loved one, a woman twirling in front of them, full of joy. In the foreground were swaying grasses and behind her the beautiful sky, but those weren’t the story. Like the other photographer, there, in her, was the view. She was what we should see. Not trees nor flowers nor fantastic landscapes but the people upon it. All that is on this earth, from the highest mountain to Louisiana swamps and Arabian deserts were created for men and women made in the image of God. How easily we forget this and become blind.

In Luke 15, Jesus tells two parables. In the first, He describes a man who searches for his lost sheep and the rejoicing he had at finding it. In the second, it is a woman who searches for a silver coin. The search for what’s lost is only part of the story as well as their happiness at finding it. What we need to see is that the sheep and the silver coin were valuable. Why would either person search for something that was disposable? The sheep had a monetary price to the shepherd as income and provision. Silver was a more valuable metal than many others. We would look high and low for a one-hundred-dollar bill but discard a penny.

To the Father, who sent His only Son, and to the Son, who was sent, and to the Spirit, who anointed Him to preach the good news, heal the sick, and raise the dead, people are what is of value. Inestimable value.

I was worth Jesus’ death and Resurrection. Whereas in my own eyes, I am a dot on the map, in their eyes, I’m a face with a name and a voice they would go to the end of the earth to save. So is that person I pass in the supermarket or the one I drive by on the highway. Where we categorize those around us by social standing or income, where we just plain fail to see them, God sees heartbeats, emotions. Possibilities.

Jesus said, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” We are to love those around us, not criticize and complain about, but pray for. But to what quantity? To our own value. We love others AS MUCH AS we love ourselves. Your life is worth the Father’s time, worth Jesus’ sacrifice, worth the gift of the Holy Spirit. Your bout with depression is seen by them, the fear you have for your children, the uncertainty of the economy and the future. They not only see it, but they are faithful to you in their care for you in it. The Father knows what we have need of and, in knowing, sent His Son to provide our safety, sent His Spirit to provide communication between heaven and earth and the power to bring anything we need to pass.

His wisdom, security, healing, forgiveness, physical and mental strength are ours BECAUSE we are worth it. I am worth it. You are worth it. Heaven came to earth in the name and person of Jesus Christ in order to save individuals. Floridians, Californians, Americans, Australians, Ethiopians, Jews, Christians, atheists, people from every nation and every language, under every government. Men and women who live in countries, in towns, in homes on streets, with jobs and children and pets, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit know to the tiniest detail. They know you. They care about you so much they paid the price for your rescue.

It was worth it.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author