Don't Compromise

Stop looking at the battle, stop looking at the enemy, stop looking at the mess you’ve made, and look at the strength of the arm of the Lord.

DON’T COMPROMISE. Don’t bend. Don’t bow down. Don’t settle for halfway. Don’t give doubt one inch of room in your noggin. Having done all to stand, keep standing, unflinching, the wind in your face, the stench of the enemy in your nostrils. Effluvium spattering your cheeks, wind hissing in your ears, keep standing. Teeth gritted. Eyes focused.

Pushed backwards, push forward again. Knees bending, grip your sword, lean on your shield, and pull yourself up taller.

But I can’t. But it’s too hard. But I’m tired. But this has lasted so long. But where is God? But why must I suffer? But. But. But. Don’t settle for but. The second you hear the word, toss it out. God didn’t send His Son to die and rise again to rescue all of mankind with any ifs, ands, or buts attached to it. He was certain. Before the Savior’s birth, before time, it was a done deal. Finished. Completed. Victorious.

Imitate Christ. Stand tall. Amongst the leers and jeers. Amongst those who don’t get it, don’t get you. Place the words He’s spoken in your mouth, speak the truth, without compromise. Not brash and offensive. But bold. There’s a difference. Peter and John healed a man who everybody knew and then got called in front of the Pharisees to receive a warning. Don’t do that ever again, they were told. Yeah right. They left, their spines unbent, and prayed a prayer that’s gone down in the annals of time.

Grant with all boldness we may speak thy name, by stretching forth thy hands to heal.

Speak it anyway. This applies to the church, to our stand in morality, for the lives of the unborn, to godliness in politics and government. But this applies to us individually. We see it in the larger frame, but now, see it as personal. Grant with all boldness I may stand here, tasting victory that I don’t have quite yet. Give me the grit to be unmoved by how I feel or the size of the circumstances. Even if the battle is just your half-acre of lawn, even if it’s just in your kitchen, twenty-five square feet of cabinets and tile. Even if it’s only your small family, or just little old you. Be bold. Be certain.

I’ve had to endure mental weakness and physical pain, and I had to go and do and live my life and ignore the noise in my head. I went anyway, knowing that God backed me up. That the Holy Spirit who could part an entire Sea and create dry land in order to march one million some odd people across it, was in me and upon me. That that same Spirit raised a man from the dead, who’d been in the grave for four days, until His body had begun to stink. Know that that Spirit resurrected him from the dead and, next day, there sits that man eating a meal at the table.

Do you really know who your God is? How big, how strong, how great? When you do, there will be no more compromise. You’ll never sit down, except at His feet. You’ll never let go, except to place the burden in His hands. You’ll never look back, except to see the victories. Are you kidding me? Why lose what’s already been bought and paid for?

Stop looking at the battle, stop looking at the enemy, stop looking at the mess you’ve made, and look at the strength of the arm of the Lord. Look at the size of the armor you’ve been given, every piece made to look like the One who defeated death and, with a crown on His head, seated Himself at the Father’s right hand. Look at the blood He shed, which ever lives for you. Listen to the voice of the Father, speaking to your heart, and know that He has a glorious eternity before you, filled with His abundant, everlasting life.

See the goal. See the reward and rejoice. Stand tall, uncompromising, right there, amidst what may look like the end, and celebrate. Raise your voice, one arm pumped toward heaven, and at the top of your lungs, praise the Lord.

“Therefore put on the complete armour of God, so that you may be able to stand your ground on the day of battle, and, having fought to the end, to remain victors on the field.” (Eph 6:13 Weymouth)

“So use every piece of God’s armor to resist the enemy whenever he attacks, and when it is all over, you will still be standing up.” (Eph 6:13 TLB)

Photo by jeffjacobs1990 at Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author