With each day, I see a new facet of Jesus.

WHAT WILL HEAVEN BE LIKE? Endless days of singing God’s praises? Will I shout hallelujah with every breath? Sounds perfect to me.

When I was younger, heaven was sunshine and clouds and hours of play. When in my twenties, it became where grandparents went after they passed. Sometimes around 2007, it became a release from the bondage of earth. I wanted to go just to get away from this place. But recently, in light of events in my life, it has become all about Jesus.

I’m not a good singer, can barely carry a tune. I don’t remember lyrics well. Or at all. Fortunately, if Bible Scripture proves true, all I need to know is “Holy, holy, holy.” I heard a minister, who visited heaven, say that the reason the angels repeat these words is because with each revolution, they see a knew facet of God. With each day, I see a new facet of Jesus. Savior, Redeemer, Resurrected Christ. Lord of Lords. King of Kings. Great Shepherd.

But I think, when we all get to heaven, very best friend.

What is there not to praise? He died for me. He lives for me. He went ahead of me to prepare a place for me, to place me where there is endless joy and gladness. Where there is freedom from sickness and death, where I can remember with every breath that the reason I’m there is how marvelous He is.

Oh, I can’t wait to see my grandparents, to meet relatives I’ve never known. I can’t wait to see what home He’s made for me to live in (and I’m sure it’s full of pets). I look forward to colors and sounds I’ve never seen before, to smelling flowers unlike anything on this earth. I long to stand in the river and be baptized. To walk in the city on streets of gold.

But even with days of reveling exploration in my future, what I long to do the most is to thank Him for all of it, and with every word from my lips, with every tune I cannot write, pour out the worship He deserves.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author