What Does Jesus See?

WE'RE DOWN HERE looking up at Jesus, following Jesus. Our focus, our attention is on Jesus, but what is Jesus looking at? What does the Savior see now that He’s risen from the dead?

What was He thinking when He showed up in front of the disciples? What about Thomas? We make so much of Thomas’ doubt and don’t see his repentance. Don’t see Jesus’ love for him.

We read the book, memorize the stories. We tell ourselves He was so full of love He couldn’t think straight. He’s talking to the Father, to the Holy Spirit. He’s seeing the joy before Him, aware of the death He has to give.

But then, there He is in the garden, on his face, torn in mind by what is happening, and what was He thinking when He turns around and finds them sleeping?

We’re looking at Jesus. We’re studying Jesus. We’re quoting Jesus. But Jesus is looking down at us.

He sees all the government turmoil, all the lost and broken families. He counts the children. He knows every heart that calls on Him for salvation. We’re supposed to look at Jesus, but then turn around and look at each other like He looks at us.

That is the point. It’s not what we see, but what He sees, what He sees through us.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author