Who You Are

But I can’t figure this out. Seek His face.
But I’m not healed. Seek His face.
But my kids aren’t serving God. Seek His face.
But I can’t pay my bills. Seek His face.

Whatever your trouble is, no matter how big it may be, seek His face. Turn everything off, bow down, and refuse to turn loose of the hem of His garment. Say, I am whole. I walk in health. I have more than enough. I am prosperous. I have success.

Say it and say it and say it, and in your saying, in your seeking, stop trying to earn it. Stop performing in order to get what He is sitting on the edge of His seat, waiting to give to you. He isn’t far and distant and has this checklist of how often you must beg, and (our mentality) He has this planned, but it’s on the other side of Georgia and we have to wait until He’s good and ready.

Ask Him for it. Determine He wants to do that for you. Hold Him to His Word. You said this, so I have it. HOLD FAST and DO NOT LET GO. Refuse to simply stand there, a punching bag for your doubts, and instead start walking. Walk by faith. Think like you are healed. Think like you have all that you need. See your children following after God. When your mind takes ship … the pain returns, there’s another bill, your kid climbs out the window again … stop and worship.

Remind Him of who He is, Savior, Healer, Redeemer, Resurrection power, abundant Life. Remind Him of what He said, all over again. Put your face in the Scriptures and rehearse the promise until that’s the only thing that comes out of your mouth. Decide that what He promised to give you is exactly what He has given you. It’s that simple.

Know who He is. Yes. But importantly, know who you are. He died for you. Act like it.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author