We've Got Him All Wrong

We've got Him all wrong.

He's not in the earthquake. He's not in the fire, although He is an all-consuming fire. He can be a wind, but don’t focus on the wind. He's not in those loud, external things.

He's a gentle whisper at five o'clock in the morning. He's the warmth of the sunrise at seven. He's the dew on the grass that rose overnight.

He can raise the dead. Duh, He has raised the dead. He defeated death, hell, and the grave. He's eternal and all-powerful and ... AWESOME. But when you're seeking for Him, you'll hear Him calling in a way you least expect.

He likes it that way. He likes to be three words in your ear that made you stop and ask, "Where'd that come from?" He loves to make His children lean in and listen. He adores spending time with you but would rather it happen because you were seeking.

We've got Him all wrong. He can be an inferno. He chooses not to.

He would rather you shut your head off and get away from the cacophony repeating in your brain, He’d like to hear you say, "Here I am. What would you like to speak about today?"

He will answer, and He will surprise you. You sit expectant for it, have His words all planned out. Yet what He says is never what you’ve selected and often what you would rather ignore.

We've had Him all wrong.

He’s not fickle. Here today, gone tomorrow. On again. Off again. Over here but, “Oops, I meant to be over there.” He's not inconsistent. One minute up, the next minute down. Unsure of himself. Undecided. In fact, He does not change. He has no variableness.

Not a lack of variety. Oh no, just look at what He created. The God who designed the giraffe also made the hummingbird. He created deserts and swamps. Mountains in order to have valleys. He designed the earth so that He could place man on it. Not as an afterthought but as His entire purpose. He determined to do it and so caused it all to become.

He is I AM. He is life. He is light. And He is continual in it. He never ends, never stops, never ceases. He does not give up. And does not make mistakes. What He's done, He did the way He knew would work the best for it, so that He would be seen as the Source.

We’ve had it all wrong.

He isn’t playing lotto. Spin the wheel and these five are selected. A special word for them but not for those. He’s not a clique, where one earns a higher status than another.

In Him, in fact, there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, bond nor free. All He’s looking for is for us to be listening, listening closely and with a heart of obedience and humility. He’s seeking someone not self-serving, who will lay down their cross and pick up His.

We've had it all wrong. We thought we could go on without Him.

We have a choice. We can deny Him. We can turn our backs. We can close our eyes and refuse to see His face, close our ears and never hear His voice. But the God of all who made the earth we stand on, is God of all even when we are deaf and blind to all that He is.

And HE IS, which is my point. HE IS, and because HE IS, so are we, and without Him in us then we, His creation, ARE not. He already WAS before the beginning. He created all time. That next minute we are living is because He made it that way.

We got it all wrong. He got it all right.

And even when the clouds are thick and the earth erupts and the people on it revolt against Him, He remains the same, gentle Voice, His hand extended, His amazing love, still waiting for us, as deep as it is wide, stained forever with the blood of Christ.

We've had it all wrong. He's not in the pew. He's not in the steeple. He's not on the stage. He’s not in the building. He lives in the people.

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Photo by Drew Murphy on Unsplash

Suzanne D. Williams, Author