What are you putting in your mind?

What are you putting in your mind?

I made the analogy this morning that we tend to treat it like a punching bag. We figure a little bit of this or that doesn't hurt. "We gotta live here, after all." Then we find ourselves struggling with depression, fear, or anxiety and can't figure out why.

We proclaim we have "the mind of Christ" (1Co 2:16), yet the truth is, our mind is full of news, secular principles, foul language, criticisms, movie references, and 10,000 other thoughts beside Christ. We spend more time in front of the TV or staring at social media than we do the Word of God.

Treat your mind like a treasure box instead. What you put into the treasure box is what you will have to draw from when under pressure. If you truly want to have the “mind of Christ” then read the gospels. Slowly. Study Jesus' words and actions. (2Ti 2:15)

How did He speak to people? What did He instruct us to say to our neighbors and our enemies? You’ll find His compassion on every page, accessible to anyone of any culture, any gender, caught in any sinful act. He forgave all and healed all. He shared peace of heart and mind with any who would believe. That is the mind of Christ.

I have had to battle my mind, and at my lowest point wished I had treated it more kindly, more loving, and with value. It is better to fill it full of things of virtue and praise (Php 4:8) than to have to put it back together again when it has fallen apart. God will help you do this. Do not fear.

But prevention is better.

Image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author