Fearless - With New Content

When I wrote my testimonial book, Fearless, in 2011, my primary reason was to help others who were in my same shoes. Mental anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental struggles are not subjects which are avoided now like they were at that time. In my search for answers, during my personal battle against fear, I read the anguished stories of person after person who did not know where to turn or how to find their way out.

This book has been a blessing in my life and has formed the foundation of who I am today. I can truly say God in me did what I could not have done on my own. Eleven years have passed since its publication, and I have reaffirmed the truths the book contains. I have seen how God will support and aid those who find themselves in times of weakness. He is truly endless love and compassion and longsuffering.
In reformatting the book this year to give it a cleaner feel, I added to the many Scriptures included for readers' meditation some of the more modern translations that have become available.

Additionally, I have added new material within current chapters and have included a chapter entitled "In The Waiting" which I felt would give courage. We would prefer healing to be instant, but it is in being gradual, in its requiring our determination and persistence to fully manifest, that faith grows and patience has its ultimate work

The book is available in ebook and in paperback. It is also in audiobook, although I have not included the new material in audio format yet. I will notify my readers when this becomes available.

God bless you!

Suzanne D. Williams, Author