Don't Wear The Wrong Shoes

This devotional was posted on social media February 11, 2021, and I thought you'd enjoy it.


There was a man, years ago, who always wore shorts and flip-flops to church. Even in the coldest or wettest weather, when everyone else was bundled up, he'd come dressed for ninety-degree Florida heat.

As my mom has said many times over the years, "If it isn't illegal or immoral, then that is your choice."

Though, in the natural, this is true, and no harm was done to anyone but the man for his staunch choice of foot apparel, there are times when flip flops are not appropriate. In a foot race, for instance. Jogging requires running shoes. Or in a wedding, paired with formal wear. I dare say the groom should not show up in his tux and his drug-store flip flops.

Ephesians 6 details the armor of a ready soldier and verse 15 states, "And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace." Now, notice first, your feet are shod. You are not barefoot. I once walked shoe-less on an asphalt street several blocks to the public library and earned a half-dollar-sized blister for my stupidity.

Next, notice your feet are shod in PREPARATION. This word means "readiness," "fitness for," "patient investigation," and "with firm footing," amongst a few other similar words (Barnes commentary) I like "with firm footing" because that sends us back to Ephesians 6:13-14 where we are told "having done all to stand" to continue standing.

A mountain climber would not make it far unless he had on boots fitted for the terrain. Our shoes enable us to STAND FIRM (a) because we are wearing them and (b) because they are the right type of shoes.

What type of shoes are they? Shoes of the gospel of PEACE. Not shoes of war. They don't fuel our anger. Not shoes of strife or contention. Not shoes of fear and worry. They are not running shoes. We are not trying to escape. That is contrary to the entire passage.

Nor are they house slippers. We are not lazy Christians. They are not high heels. We are not going out on the town, full of self-pride. They are what we need to STAND FIRM and SPREAD PEACE.

Next time you're in a storm, put on your galoshes. Next time you are riding that bucking bronco for the full 8 seconds put on your cowboy boots. Next time you are digging in to defend the football, don your cleats.

Don't wear the wrong shoes.

Image by Melk Hagelslag from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author