Joy of the Spirit

THE JOY OF THE LORD is your strength because the joy is a person. The joy is the Holy Spirit, not a feeling, not an emotion, and not based on circumstances. If we were to wait for circumstances to line up, we would never be joyful.

No, we joy in spite of what's happening around us and to us we are joyful because joy is the Holy Spirit who resides within and comes upon believers with the same Resurrection power that raised Christ from the dead. Hook up with Him and you cannot but have joy.

I know for me He was a steam-like vapor without any substance. Then I asked Him to reveal Himself to me, and I discovered He is a heavenly jukebox. He loves to worship. It isn't that He's waiting for us to bow and scrape and build up His ego. Don't get me wrong. He knows who He is and what He's done. But He desires to worship with you. He enjoys worship. Of Himself? Of Jesus.

Ask Him what He wants to talk about, and He will say JESUS. Ask Him what He wants to do when you seek Him, and He will say, "Talk about Jesus." It is a subject that never gets old, never wears out.

Think of it. Why was Jesus resurrected from the dead? Because the Father had a foreordained plan, yes. Because the devil's defeat was set in stone, yes. Because of the love of the Father for mankind. Absolutely. But Holy Spirit raised Christ from the dead because He loved Him.

He raised Him up for the joy of it.

He raised Him up because He loves us just as much.
And so that we can all rejoice together with Him in the victory that His great love for the Savior displayed itself when the stone rolled away and the greatest man on earth proved God wins.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author