Tell Them

Sometimes I expect the LORD to speak. I know He has something important to say, and I have to pray it in. Other times, He speaks as a result of conversation. This word is one of those. This morning, December 15, 2021, I asked a question, and this is His response. One note, He makes reference to several things He has previously said to me and to a podcast I follow, spoken by an American Rabbi.

People still don't expect me to come. They didn't expect me as a baby. They didn't expect me on a donkey. And they don't expect me now. But when I get through, the earth will be filled with my glory.

I don't follow the status quo. I set the standard.

I am the example for the church and the Savior of mankind, God of all, Adonai, and Lord of Hosts, Jehovah Jirah, Tsidkenu, Rophe, El Shaddai, the Resurrection and the life, the Aleph and the Tav, the beginning and the end, the Word of life, the lily of the valley, and yes, Emmanuel. I am the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, Prince of Peace. I am fully man, and I am fully God. I was and I AM and I am coming. Both now in this hour to REFORM and to RESCUE. And in the days to come (future). I will descend from heaven with a shout of the archangel and the trumpet of God, and every eye shall see me, EVERY EYE, and they will know that I alone am God. (1Th 4:16)

I alone am KING of this earth and KING of heaven and VICTOR over hell and the grave. I WILL wipe the tears from all eyes, and sorrow and mourning shall flee away. The last enemy of all, death, shall be defeated. There will be no more death one day. (Is 51:11; Rev 21:4)

But today, in this hour, I am coming, yea, I am already here, but only a few are ready. Only a remnant is waiting. Only a handful are praying. Only a small portion of my church desires to see their Savior.

It is enough, Suzanne. As I needed only one man to save the earth from the flood … and THE ENTIRE EARTH did flood, do not believe anything else … as I needed only one shepherd boy to slay a giant and defeat the Philistines, as I needed only Gideon and 300 men to defeat the Midianites. And where are the Midianites today? Where are any of the kingdoms that have tried to destroy my people?

Furthermore, all caps please, I AM A JEW. I was born as a Jew and raised in the synagogue. Mary and Joseph are my parents, and the God of heaven and Holy Spirit are my Father.

But where are any of these tyrants, as "the rabbi" said? Where is Rome? Where is Assyria and Babylon? And where are the children of Esau today? Who has conquered Israel?

DOES ANY MAN HAVE THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE HOW SHE IS? No man is her Lord, no man is her captor, no man is her tyrant, because I am GOD OF ISRAEL. I AM GOD OF JERUSALEM.

Yea, I AM GOD OF CANADA. I AM GOD OF AUSTRALIA. And I shall prove it not many days hence.

Tell them. Tell my people, yea, tell any who will read it, that GOD IS COMING to "FIX THIS" and EVERY EYE shall see it. Many who do not profess me as Lord, will in that hour. Many who have railed against me shall tremble and know I am God. Others will deny it who have carried my Word forth in their youth. Men will stand in the pulpit and say what isn't truth.

I hear every word, as you've so often penned. I read every text, every book, every blog, nothing is hidden. But the LIGHT shines upon all men, so that they are without excuse. And yet my judgment is tempered with mercy as I've told you.

I WILL BE MERCIFUL for I LOVE HIM AND HER and see in them God's potential, not the man they are, but the man, the woman I shall save.

Tell them. I am meek and lowly. I am not weak and slowly.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author