The following word was spoken to me on December 23, 2021. I offer one note in regard to content. I am not responsible for fulfilling God’s promises, only for sharing them with you. My job is to obey and believe.


I’ve said it once, yea, many times, and I’ll say it again. I will have my will done in this nation. I am KING of these United States and well aware of all her problems, even greater, of everyone that had a hand in putting her in this state, going back many generations. I know their names. I know what they’ve done. I know even what they considered doing. I know those who were pressured into acting and those who were not, who with glee did evil willingly. I know the spiritual forces of the enemy that cooperated, that cajoled, that lied to them. There is not one living force of man or hell that is not in my purview.

I see your national debt, and I know the entire extent of it. I can trace every cent, every penny, every half dollar, and the path of all the national currency. I know in whose hands it was exchanged. I can count the trades made on the national stock exchange. I know every company presented on its rolls, down to the heart of their CEO. I know Big Tech, big business, and multimillionaire bigwigs. I know deep pockets and gaping jaws and selfish, clamouring voices. I can count higher than they do. I can add all the figures at once. Nothing in the financial world is hidden from me.

I am the God of the future. I am who was, who is, and who is to come. (Rev 1:8) I know what transactions are about to be made. I know what the donkey and the elephant have cost this nation. I know who has her best interests at heart and who does not. I see where increasing debt will take these states. I see what ruin is pending and know this—it is not a drop in the bucket, not a penny in the change drawer, to what the heavenly kingdom is worth.

I am WELL ABLE to deliver. Yea, I will deliver. There is SECURITY in investing with me.

All the gold and the silver, all the finest gemstones on the earth, all that can be mined and crafted and sold, is an eyelash lost in a pot of stew. Do you hear me, men of God? Do you pocket people’s monies instead of investing them in my kingdom? Do you flirt with the dollar instead of guarding your heart for me? I know what pulpits have borrowed from the enemy, and I speak not of properly crafted debt but that which is under the table. I know what houses of God and men of God are in the devil’s league.

Not all are this way. I know those who are honest and truthful and with my generous heart in them. Size of their bank account is not the measure to seek. Look not on the outward appearance, as I do not. (1Sa 16:7) I am GOD OF BLESSING. What I own, what finances I have, I long to give to thee, but it’s use is of importance. Do not build a barn to stash your plenty. (Lk 12:18) The principle of heaven’s kingdom is giving. It is in what you GIVE that it multiplies and returns in abundance. The hundredfold which I return comes because you have done with your money wisely. (Lk 6:38; Mt 13:23)

Did you give your last pence? Or did you give a pence and pocket the majority? What was your measure? (Mk 12:43-44)

Many are wise. Many. Many are blessed. Many. And many are poor, yet they have a greedy soul. Generosity begets generosity when the generous giver follows after me. I speak of those in my kingdom, those who speak my name. Those not of the world. Those of the world do as the thief demands of them. (Jn 17:16; Jn 10:10) But I know these, too.

I know all and every and each and men individually. Nothing anywhere is hidden from my view.

And I am capable of restoring finances. Of a person. Of a state. Of a nation. Yea, it is my heart to do so. Choose to stand in faith and believe. Choose to adopt the principles of giving. Choose to walk after the Spirit and deny your fleshly greed, and you will see incredible things. (Gal 5:16) I will multiply thy funds and fill thy pantry. I will supply all thy needs from my riches in glory. (Php 4:19)

I will address the national debt. Yea, the debt of many countries. I am not ignorant nor cold to it. I have not reclined in splendor while you scrabble for a living. I have more than enough mercy, even for this.

Have you prayed as much as you’ve complained? Have you believed as much as you have grieved? Is my arm grown short now since this is about money? Or am I the Savior of the world? Am I still the God of plenty? (Joel 2:26)

“Salvation is about the heart,” you say, “not the purse.”

Nay, it is about the heart and the soul and the mind and the purse and the company that fills the purse and the hours that you work and the investments you make and the security you seek. My salvation includes ALL. As I healed ALL sickness and disease, as I did not turn any man away, as I loved ALL men, and offer eternal life to ALL who will believe, ALL MEANS ALL when it comes to financial blessings. Not in greed. I will turn the greedy away, and I will bring low those who hold a grip on these United States. I know them, inside and out, and have many others ready to step into their place, those who follow after me.

I will not have my people limping while the demons skip and dance but will RESTORE and REFINANCE and REDUCE debt until all that is left is GOD’S LOVE FOR ALL MEN. (Rm 13:8) I am able. I am willing. Only your lack of belief stops thee. Only the words of your mouth prevent me from doing exceeding abundantly more than you can dream. (Eph 3:20)

Let’s be clear. I am not against the megachurch nor the megapastor nor a man owning an airline fleet. I am against you deciding if what they’ve done, if what they’ve gained, came from me. Look to your own pasture before you pick out another man’s beam. (Mt 7:3) Trust me with the small, with the few, and I will do great things. And silence the critic within and instead say words that I would speak. Say, “Bless them, Lord,” then turn your gaze toward heaven and seek me. (Mt 6:33) I know what you have need of and am not lacking change. Nor unwilling. Nor selfish-minded, saying, “This is only for me.” Nay, I find joy in giving, in blessing thee. (Lk 12:30; Mt 13:44; Rm 14:17)

But the man or woman whose greed has brought this nation to its knees, the high-dollar figures who think they have hidden their deeds from me, these I will expose, and the debt they’ve created I will repay, and not be any poorer, not by one single penny.

“All this talk of money. I don’t like it,” you say.

Then remain as you are. But know this—what I have said I will do, I will do, and I will do it big. You will see it and wonder and wish you had chosen faith.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author