O Barren Wife

*The following word was given to me over two days, December 12-13, 2021.

Can I not HEAL the body I created? Did I not design a mother’s womb? Is not all fatherhood derived from me? (Eph 3:15)

Yeah, I made them MALE and FEMALE, in my very IMAGE and after my LIKENESS. I said it was not good for a MAN to be alone, so I made him an helpmeet. From his side, from an equal measure, I drew WOMAN, then blessed their UNION with FRUITFULNESS and commanded them to MULTIPLY. (Ge 1:26-28; Ge 2:21)

Know this. MAN is like me. WOMAN is like me. I planned their creation and from the soil formed their flesh, and from my BREATH gave them life. I planned their UNION. I planned their OFFSPRING and the PROCESS of conception. It is my DESIGN and the MARRIAGE COVENANT a reflection of our UNITY – Father, Word, and Spirit. As we are ONE, a HUSBAND and his WIFE are ONE.

As CHRIST doth cherish the church, as He gave His LIFE for her, to make her without spot or wrinkle, so doth a MAN honor and cherish His bride, as if she is an INTIMATE PART of His VERY SELF. For so she once was. (Eph 5:25-28)

“And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:23-24 KJV)

CLEAVE: to fasten to, to join together, to cling or adhere to; glue (Greek) (H1692; G4347, Mt 19:5)

The FRUIT OF THE WOMB is their REWARD. (Ps 127:3)

A REWARD is meant to be ENJOYED, to be DELIGHTED in. As I DELIGHTED in the MAN and WOMAN I created, as I rested and we COMMUNED together, so a FATHER and a MOTHER DELIGHT in their children. From them, they find JOY. JOY is the atmosphere of the kingdom and children abundant in it. These were my words. Forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of heaven. (Pr 3:12; Mt 19:14)

No HEALING of the body or the mind is too hard for me. Did I not heal the lame? Did I not heal the blind? Was not the skin cleansed and made whole? Did not the dumb speak? Did not I heal the issue of blood? Yea, I healed the heart and brought it back to life. I filled the lungs with the BREATH OF LIFE again. I gave peace to the oppressed in mind and freed men and women from demonic possession.

Can I not REPAIR and RESTORE the womb? Is this too hard for me? Is a man “too far gone” for me to REINVIGORATE? Yea, REMOVING impotence is nothing too hard for me.

As I healed the deadness of Sarah’s womb, so I healed the aging of Abraham’s body, who was also past childbearing. What? You did not give me credit for that. But see how much LIFE he contained that he conceived in Hagar as well. (Rm 4:19; Ge 16:4)

See also Elisabeth, who was known as barren. She did conceive in her old age and bring forth the prophet John. See Mary, espoused to Joseph, bring forth a son without human sperm. This is beyond your thinking but not beyond my doing. See the faith of Joseph that her child was so conceived, and he chose to cherish her; he chose to believe. (Lk 1:35-36; Mt 1:20)

Is anything else too hard for me?

Sing forth, O barren wife. Rejoice, O husband, in the wife of your youth. For I will create of thee a FRUITFUL VINE with thy children as olive plants round about thy table. (Is 54:1; Pr 5:18; Ps 128:3)

Listen not to the enemy, who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. (Jn 10:10) He desired to kill me to his own destruction. He had no access to God’s plan; he could not see the victory gained from my death nor the truth of my Resurrection, but only had sight for his demonic cravings.

Listen not to the voices of discouragement, nor those who say conception is “impossible.” There is nothing impossible with God. (Lk 1:37) If we can create a LIVING SOUL from the earth, then what prevents us from CONCEIVING LIFE in thee? What prevents your HEALING except your unbelief? (Ge 2:7)

I made from Abraham a multitude, as many as the grains of sand, as the stars in the sky. So I will also do to those who choose to trust in me. See the Father’s heart in this. I came not as a conqueror, but as a babe. I laid not in a fortress, but as a Lamb, sent to save. The first to hear of my birth were shepherds, men much like thee, and all of heaven rejoicing in what Holy God did conceive. (Heb 11:12; Lk 2:8, 13)

So LOOK UP and LOOK FORWARD and LOOK OUT for DELIVERY. Trust in the God of man’s creation and dare to believe. And know this—fear not for finances. Within the earth, I did place gold and silver, yea, the treasures of heaven for men who dig deep. I FINANCED my creation, and I will FINANCE your offspring. I am MORE THAN ENOUGH for this and not unprepared for what costs it may bring.

Yea, the cattle on a thousand hills are mine and the streets of heaven paved with gold. I am God of heaven AND earth. I am KING OF all KINGS and LORD OF all LORDS, and this is my decree. (Pr 50:10; Rev 21:21)

So, take hold and walk in the Spirit and expect me to HEAL the flesh. For this is God’s heart to you. The children of the barren wife and her loving husband SHALL FAR EXCEED their greatest dreams if they will believe. (Eph 3:20)

Image from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author