E Pluribus Unum

The morning of December 21, 2021, I heard the words, "E pluribus unum, out of many, one." A moment later, the Father spoke. This was unexpected, and the sound of it was different. I have no good way to explain that.

One note, the Lord has spoken to me about judgment recently, and our thinking on it is wrong. It isn’t that He weighs a nation or a person to decide on their judgment, but that He weighs it to decide how much mercy to bring. He carried the weight of our sins already. He took our judgment and is ever looking for an opportunity to show mercy. His mercy is infinite and everlasting, both in size and amount, from generation to generation.

I am the uniting factor. I am the reason men unite. I am the uniting Father. Out of many, I sent One, my Son, to die and rise again and bring permanent unity, eternal unity. Outside of this act and under your own power, there is no unity. No two people can come into covenant and abide by that covenant without my grace to do so being involved. Agreements have been made that work for both parties, and these covenants have been readily broken. There is no reason to keep covenant, outside of me. Why swear upon the blood of anything or upon one hair upon your head if there is no eternal power standing behind it? This is like building a wall out of paper. It looks good but will dissolve under pressure.

I am the strength of covenant. Men do not understand this. They write contracts, they make legal promises, but blood covenant is far stronger. Marriages made without the unity of covenant will dissolve. I speak today of marriages of people to governments. All government rests upon my Son's shoulders. (Is 9:6) He is the KING of it, the JUDGE of men, and the BLOOD of covenant. (Rev 19:16; 2Ti 4:8) KING because I have given Him a name above all others. JUDGE because He died to set men free from judgment. The BLOOD on the altar of sacrifice is His, and it ever lives before me. It is living BLOOD spilt from a spotless Lamb, laid down of His own volition. He chose to do it, and as such, holds the power of covenant it contains. (1Pe 1:19)

I have given Him this nation. I have given Him all nations. He is as much KING of Israel and KING of Australia or the United States. Yes, the United States has a KING and a KINGDOM, and His name is Emmanuel, and His power is absolute, and His word is finite, and He has spoken His will and I will sustain it. I am the sustaining power of the universe. All things exist by me, and all things sustain by me. (1Co 8:6; Col 1:16)

Who are you, the vessel, to say to the vessel-maker how you shall be and what you shall hold? This is decided too. I have made some vessels to honor and some to dishonor. (Rm 9:20-21) Hear me now in this. What vessels He has poured Himself into will bring much honor. You have judged yourself. You have decided who I will save and how I will do it. You have judged this nation and condemned it when He is KING and LORD, and I am Almighty Father.

I will have mercy. I have weighed it in the balance and my GOODNESS is enough, and the vessels I have crafted (are) fit for my use, and the filling of the vessels (are) of my doing, and that which fills them (comes) from me. (Eph 1:23) Look not to the outward appearance, the plaiting of the hair, fine clothing, nor to education and intelligence, nor to man's qualifications because truly, many will rise who I have chosen, vessels set aside by men. (1Pe 3:3-4) And many will fall who have placed themselves where I would not have them. Fill a cracked pot and all its contents will leak out. Only vessels forged in fire will stand, and only people united beneath my Son will be sustained.

But here is the issue, here is my TRUTH—the WAY to unity is set, the power of it decided, and the ending of my choosing, these being all tied up in my Son. But there is room for many. My arms are open, and repentance accepted and mercy enduring and love readily obtained with the free gift of grace to rise above your circumstances and experience my freedom.

What I will do, I WILL do. There is no altering it. I have looked for a man to stand in the gap and found Him. (Ez 22:30) His name is Jesus, and His BLOOD saves all men from the power of sin. His BLOOD saves a nation, even many nations. It has been spoken by my prophets. It has been agreed upon by my apostles and many intercessors. It has been sworn in the BLOOD of covenant and shall therefore come to pass. The timing is mine, and my timing perfect. Choose to stand in faith and believe.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author