What If?

What if we lived like God was WITH US? Not in the distance but right alongside. Participating. What if every action we made, every word we spoke, every step we’ve taken, we were continually aware of Him?

What if He was involved in everything?
Not just services on Sundays but Mondays through Fridays, too. At home, at work, at college. In government. At the laundromat, the grocery store, our children’s elementary schools. In traffic jams, at basketball games, in video chats. What if He read every word you typed, while gazing over your shoulder?

What if you became AWARE of Him 24-7? Like, you get in your car and the music comes on and that song you groove to but don’t want to tell anyone, suddenly, you knew God was listening?

What if you knew that He knew everything? Every book ever written, every script ever read, every legal document in any courtroom across the country. Every motive, every reasoning, every pathetic excuse. What if we knew that He knew every thought in our head?

What if He was concerned about every iota of every piece of your life? What if you included Him in more than a ten-minute bedtime prayer and the standard meal blessing? What if when you turned on the television you considered what He’d like to watch? Is He into Bonanza? Mountain Men? HGTV?

What if He knew all the characters and exactly how the story ends? What if He not only KNOWS our lives, but He’s actually working amongst us? What if that person you hate that you’ve written off as unsavable really isn’t? What if inside them is the potential to be something huge-huge big? An evangelist. A pastor. A teacher. Someone’s best friend.

What if you judged a situation incorrectly and passed a verdict when Holy Spirit was in your ears whispering? Except you were too noisy to hear it, too lost in your opinions, your self-knowledge, your criticisms?

What if we could see all about you at a glance? Like those commercials where they show people how much sun damage they’ve had. They can’t see the spots and blemishes until they get in the right light. What if that LIGHT was JESUS, and there, in front of the world is that thing you did?

What if all of this was true, the God of heaven, the Father of LIFE, the SAVIOR of the world knew you, He saw you, nothing was hidden from Him, yet He loved you anyway?

Suzanne D. Williams, Author