Do It By Faith

I’ve seen several posts recently that strangely remind me of 1999 when rumors swirled computers would crash at midnight January 1, 2000, and all of society would shut down. We were supposed to eat rice and beans for months. Didn’t happen. That’s fearmongering, by the way, and much of it, recently (and then) by Christians, nonetheless.

A noted minister said, “Fear masquerades as wisdom,” and no truer thought applies to this. Fear makes excuses for itself, often relabeling itself as “common sense.” But whatever you do, DO IT BY FAITH, NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID. Don’t run to the store and buy 24 rolls of toilet paper because of fear. Don’t drive to the station and fill your gas tank because of fear. Don’t plant a massive vegetable garden and invest in a flock of chickens BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID.

Settle it in your heart that the Lord is on your side, ALWAYS, and if every grocery store for a 100-mile radius runs out of toilet paper, then He will supply some out-of-nowhere or multiply what you have left. (Mt 15:36) The greater the impossibility we face, the more we WALK BY FAITH.

Now, don’t be flippant and expect God to act without you making any effort. If you have the funds, then fill your tank, but do it because you need gas and NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE AFRAID. Or if there’s a panic (because remember people outside of Christ can ONLY act in fear) then fill your tank because there’s a station nearby, and if you wait a day, you will pass up the opportunity He’s provided for you. We can get OUT OF GOD’S TIMING.

Taking these thoughts one step further, if you practice listening to Holy Spirit, He will warn you when you need to buy this or that. He knows the future and is ever present to help in time of trouble. (Ps 46:1) This should calm your fears, in fact, should eliminate them. Make that your confession. Daily, I say, “There’s NO FEAR HERE. That door is closed, bolted, and walled up.” Let me tell you, I’m not cracking it for any reason, no matter how dumb people think I am or how mad they get.

Here’s how you get to that place where FEAR IS GONE. You PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU HEAR. Turn off the news. Stop reading every social media post. Tune into people who encourage you, to ministers and prophets who speak faith, and here’s the number one thing – bury yourself in the WORD OF GOD. If you’re afraid, you need another dose, and another, and another. It’s about RELATIONSHIP. The closer to Him you become, the more you hear Him speak, the less fear there is of outside things, and the more you understand about WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST.

Because HE HAS NOT GIVE YOU THE SPIRIT OF FEAR. (2Ti 1:7) Holy Spirit is the Spirit of power OVER fear, and you have the God-given authority to command it to go. (Lk 10:19) Stop sitting around waiting for the turnaround to magically come and set your minds that, no matter what the world looks like, YOU WILL NOT BE AFRAID.

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them (evil spirits, v3): because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4 KJV)

Suzanne D. Williams, Author