Come To Me

I had the FATHER make a statement to me this morning, October 7, 2021. He said, “My people want a word from me, but I want a relationship.” Then He reminded me of another statement He made a few days ago, where He said, “Christianity isn’t a spectator sport.”

These two thoughts go together. We have spent too much time gathering up prophecies like concert tickets. They’ve become pocket change and not Almighty God speaking. We aren’t supposed to simply read them and move on. The apostle Paul told his son in the faith, Timothy, to “stir up” what had been placed within him by remembering the words spoken over him. (2Ti 1:6) He was to recall it and restate it.

Just as we read and reread and meditate upon the Word of God, returning to its verses again and again, we are supposed to treasure what He’s said to us through His trusted prophets and NOT be like those described in 2 Timothy 4:3-4.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (2 Timothy 4:3-4 KJV)

Our willingness to hear other voices prevents our hearing Him speak and always leads us into deception.

I’ve practiced listening for fifteen years now, and as I’ve drawn closer, as I’ve made Him a priority, He’s become even louder and clearer and my hearing, more certain. This is available to any child of God. He wants to speak to you and feels our neglect. I, in turn, then feel our neglect. It is a weight when He and I speak that I cannot shift. I take it up, as a cross, and bear it because He matters to me.

I get it. It is easy to make an excuse, to just this once, NOT pray and NOT listen, but one excuse soon becomes another and another and soon, we’ve set a pattern for ignoring Him in favor of personal desires and laziness.

Not long ago, I changed my bedtime habit. There is no more “just going to bed” for me. I spend time in worship and time in prayer first. I make certain decrees before I lay down. Some nights, I’m tired and “don’t feel like it,” but I do it anyway because, as the song says, “I’m never going back to my old life.” I don’t want to be who I was. I want to be who He’s planned for me to be. I want to walk the path He’s set for my feet and that requires sacrifice. Often.

I’m okay with it because the rewards are amazing. Not in money or influence or personal pride, but moments like this morning’s, where He shares something so personal to Him with me, and I’m given the honor of telling you about it.

The Father said:
People want a word from me, but I want a relationship.

I have spoken much already, and they haven't prayed over any of it. As I said to thee, days ago, this is not a spectator sport. It is participatory. If you want to hear from me, then get to KNOW me, and I will speak to your heart.

My Word is of the heart, not the mind. It does not say "Thy Word have I placed in my HEAD that I might not sin against thee." It says, "Thy Word have I placed in my HEART..." What is in your HEAD does you NO BENEFIT unless my Word in in your HEART and you are listening to it. (Ps 119:11)

A man of great HEAD KNOWLEDGE will still die in his sins. HEAD KNOWLEDGE will lead him astray, left on its own. Look at current beliefs. They justify changing their gender when this is foolishness. They justify communistic government when that is full of greed and lust for power and always destructive of the people.

What did my Son say about leadership? The greater the leader, the more a servant he or she shall be. (Jn 13:15-16) And that leader needs my ANOINTING to pursue his position and accomplish it, whether he is aware of it or not. HEAD KNOWLEDGE and good intentions will not enable them to succeed. Many (people) of empty heads and darkened hearts have tried and found themselves crushed by the weight of their position. A man can choose his own way, but when it is not what I have planned for him, it will always fail.

Failure IS NOT poverty. My Son did not say, saving the POOR MAN is like trying to thread a camel through the eye of the needle. It was the RICH MAN who relies on his riches that He spoke of. (Mt 19:24)

Failure IS NOT lack of purpose either. Many have failed who intended to do a certain thing. It is NOT HAVING ACCESS TO MY WISDOM which always precipitates failure. And though my children have full access to me, they choose the ways of the world without giving me more than a passing glance, then wonder how they've gotten so far astray.

You know, it is never too late. I can make miracles out of your mistakes. I seek sincere hearts, who turn their minds to my Word. It is first place and not all the other noise the enemy would have you hear. He is full of noise, and it is just that — noise. He would have you kiss stones and worship them (rather) than turn to your Maker. He cares not what you worship as long as it is not my CHRIST. If he can keep you from your FATHER, in some way, then he has succeeded. He strokes the ego, knowing it will push me aside.

I seek sincere worshipers. (Jn 4:23) Have you asked why? It is because of their sincerity, but because it is expressed in worship. This is not for my ego, I am God of all, but for their benefit. Take hold of me and there are ONLY BENEFITS. There is no negative side to our relationship. Come to me, speak with me, sit and listen, and glean from my wisdom as a deer would refresh at a water brook. He cannot but come away having GAINED energy and strength for drinking his fill. (Ps 42:1)

Sit in the shadow of my wings and let PRESENCE drop TRUTH into your heart. (Ps 91:1) Use that truth to renew your mind and alter your thinking. Beginning to think like me only comes from sincere time spent WITH ME. As your head knowledge can only come from intense studies, your HEART KNOWLEDGE only comes from a connection with my HEART, and I willingly share it with the hungry, with the seeking, with those who desire it first. (Mt 5:6)

Ask the God who made the universe how to get where you are going. Yes, ask the One who has planned the future. Do you realize this? You act as if the future is uncertain. That is a lie of the enemy. There is NO UNCERTAINTY in me. Did I not plan all your days before ere you were born? When yet there were none of them, I had already mapped them out. (Ps 139:16) See where you stepped off-course? There you walked away from me.

There is no unsuccessful ending in GOD. Walk in the Spirit and you WILL NOT fulfill the desires of the flesh. (Gal 5:16) The Spirit knows the mind of the FATHER, my mind, and will not send you astray. (Rm 8:27)

Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and our righteousness and ALL THESE THINGS will come unto you. (Mt 6:33) “Things,” your physical needs, yes. I will feed, clothe, and house you. I will prosper your jobs, your children, and even your pets. But "things" also of the mind. Your thoughts will prosper. You will find peace, for the Comforter will come to you. (Jn 14:26-27) And wisdom, for all knowledge and understanding is yours from my hands. (Col 1:9)

A man connected to the Father will have all he needs to stand against the enemy's delusions. You will see them coming and deflect them with your shield of faith, then destroy them with the sword of MY WORDS. This is not a nice picture painted by the apostle. It was meant to be PUT INTO USE but can only be done so when connected to MY HEART. (Eph 6:16-17) A man lost in his head has no defense at all, as a washing machine will not run while sitting in the showroom or the finest automobile, crank without gasoline. A man can spend thousands of dollars and put himself many years in debt, yet never drive the car. All the HEAD KNOWLEDGE in the world will fail you without having MY SPIRIT to fuel it. This is how everything works. EVERYTHING.

There is no other alternative, no other way to the FATHER except through the SON and no other way to prosper and have success except that you have sought me for it. I, alone, am the SOURCE, and only I bring success. (Jn 14:6) I turn the hearts of kings. (Pr 21:1) I speak MY WORDS through my prophets, and I seek YOU in them. They are ME desiring time with YOU and YOU choosing to follow ME with your heart and soul. Because IN ME are the BEST of ALL THINGS that MY SON died and rose again to deliver.

Let me stress this one thing again. Seek not the prophecy but THE PROPHET, meaning CHRIST. Ask not for MORE WORDS but treasure each word you have been given, and I will speak to you again. But heap unto yourself teachers, having itching ears, and gather up too many words, and you will go astray. Follow not a prophet without following THE PROPHET and the God of all the earth and heaven.

Put your priorities in the correct alignment, and then I will find thee and sup with thee there and the end result will be your success. (Rev 3:20) There is no other ending to your life than MY BEST when this (pattern) is followed, no other path to glory than what you obtain through me, and only one true ending to your life's story, the one I have written.

Seek me and you shall find it. It is guaranteed. (Mt 7:7)

Suzanne D. Williams, Author