Without Me

The LORD speaks a corrective word this morning, September 20, 2021, to set the record straight on some thinking in (and out of) the church. I pray you’ll read carefully and HEAR.

I didn't come to earth to be fair. That's socialism. I didn't come to make all men equal. That's communism. All men are equally valuable in my eyes, and I see not in gender nor social class nor skin color. This is not what I speak of.

A world system purported to be "fair" and implemented without MY HAND will never make society better and its citizens prosperous and on an equal level.

NO GOVERNMENT which tries to operate without me can succeed. To believe otherwise is deception.

I am not "fair" to all.

I am a just weight, a just balance, and the righteous Judge. (Pr 16:11; 2Ti 4:8) I give to each man severally as I will. To this one, honor for a life of holiness, to that man, judgment for his rebellion. (1Cor 12:11)

I came to give life to all, and it is available to WHOSOEVER. But it is life WITHOUT MEASURE. Life EXCEEDING, ABUNDANTLY ABOVE. Life MORE THAN ENOUGH. (Jn 3:16; Eph 3:20)

Plant a seed and the soil of your heart may return a harvest of 30 or 60 or 100-fold. (Mt 13:23) A return is guaranteed but the size of it varies. Not in my desire to multiply, but in the use of your faith.

Freely I give. Freely you receive. At the same time, I honor faithfulness and hard work. I despise the lazy (mind) and will not honor those who steal to gain or those who cause abuse. (Mt 10:8; Pr 6:9, 16-19)

No one is entitled to wealth and privilege, but all can come to me for BLESSING, all of the RIGHTEOUS’ CHILDREN are blessed to ONE THOUSAND GENERATIONS. (Deut 7:9)

The wicked will be judged for their wickedness. But if the cup of iniquity must first be full, then there, too, is various measures. (Ge 15:16)

I forgive any who come to me and repent with sincere hearts. I make faith and the benefits of salvation theirs to take part. They can wear the armor I've provided and converse with me. My Holy Spirit will enter them and fall upon them with joy and peace. This can happen to ANYONE, but the amount they walk by faith is theirs to choose. One might grab hold and scale Mt. Everest. The next is content in the Appalachian foothills.

How much LIFE do you choose? It is not one-size-fits-all. It is CUSTOMIZED. This woman can be MIGHTY and so can that one. But perhaps one is my powerful intercessor but the other one fails to pray.

Plug a toaster into light socket and toast your bread. Plug a lamp onto the same and the amount of power did not change.

All of me is available to everyone, but how much do they choose? I did not come to be fair. I CAME TO RULE, TO REIGN AND SAVE THE WORLD.
I died for all men. I rose for everyone who lives anywhere. I gave my life for the Australian as much as the man from India or the woman in Brazil. That is not what I speak of.

The earth needed a KING, and the KING needed a royal priesthood. I would retake my dominion and have men properly use it. In love. In godliness. There is promotion. I have generals, both men and women. I have apostles and prophets and evangelists and pastors and teachers. People who serve me in different degrees. (1Pe 2:9; Eph 4:11)

They are equal, but obedience to their calling is as they choose. Choose life, gain abundance. Walk by faith and receive as you believe. Or sit at home and do nothing and die there, exactly as you are.

Choose to bury your talent and not invest it and how pleased am I? (Mt 25:24-25)

Some plant weeds in their garden. Some enjoy the thorns. Some have gathered so many rocks to themselves there is no soil. Some are hard and dry from affliction. (Mt 13:3-7)

Can I heal them? Yes. Do I desire it? Yes. Would I make of them the finest vessel? Yes. But it is their RIGHT TO CHOOSE.

It is your responsibility to PRAY FOR THEM to see TRUTH.

I came for all. I love all. My Word works for all. But like a car you own but never drive, it can sit there on the shelf. You can suffer and never apply it. You can choose to stay ignorant.

I AM IN ALL THINGS (Col 1:17), but you can ignore them.

What is my point? you ask. It is that WITHOUT ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING.
That Marxist theology will always fail, and it is not my way. That it is demon ideology of deception, written to give power to the few and to oppress many.

But LIBERTY comes with the ability to choose
(Gal 5:1), and I come in this hour to restore it to men, and in restoring it, to show them MY GLORY. Try to turn your back on Me then. Stare at heaven's portals and try not to desire to go there. See a lame man walk and just try not to choose to follow me.

There will be some who don't, who cling to incipient death. But others, oh others, there will be faces who turn to me that you would not have chosen.

Him? Really? Her too? YES. What man, what woman did I not call? For whom was my blood not shed?

The foolishness of the gospel, the power of God in weak, inappropriate vessels gives me much glory. (1Co 2:7) I'd rather change a life unexpected and be seen there than have a building full of insincere people. Worshiping a pastor and not ELOHIM. Falling at the feet of a singer and not the One who wrote THE SONG.

I will receive all the worship in this hour. My will for the earth will come into being. For all equally, with godly principles, which can do for each one incredible things.

All can believe and all can seek and all can find. (Mt 7:7) This is how MY KINGDOM works, and only MY KINGDOM will stand at the end of time. Read the story as I have declared it. Then set your hearts in agreement.

For GREATER IS HE WHO IS IN YOU than any world leader, any false truths, any lies of the enemy. (1Jn 4:4) GREATER IS HE who lives in you and GREATER THINGS will He show you. Fasten your seatbelts. You have no idea what MY ABUNDANCE is about to do.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author