The Love Song Of A Savior

The following word was spoken to me the morning of September 3, 2021. It stands in stark contrast to the word given on September 2. I cannot explain how I recognize their different voices, if it is the Father, the Savior, or Holy Spirit. This was Jesus, pleading.

He said:
“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.” (Jas 4:8)

A general cannot fight on either side of a war. He cannot be both the defender of a land and the enemy of it. A house divided will fall, as Scripture says. (Mt 12:25)

A man with two differing opinions will not be successful at either one. So to say I came to save and to heal but I will afflict makes me most weak.

A man cannot love the one that he treats unfairly. To beat a wife or a child then award a father for bravery is to laud unworthiness. Even the least sinner would not agree with this (behavior). Yet (they) kill the unborn and raise clinics for it. (They) march boldly in murder's defense.

One is equal to the other, and I am grieved.

Heaven is filled with motherless children, longing for the one that gave them being. What? Did you think I lost even one? Did you think they fell into a dark abyss? I came to give life and to give it abundantly. I would that the barren wife had a house full and much joy in them. (Jn 10:10; Is 54:1) Laughter is spawned in the heart of a child and people's joy comes from it. It is said a child shall lead the people. A child shall take precedence. (Is 11:6)

Cleanse your hands, ye sinners. Purify your hearts, ye double minded. Ye cannot raise children and kill children with the same breath. Ye cannot fight on both sides of the war. And it IS a war for the enemy hath told many this form of death is okay. This is not okay. This will never be okay. This is great deception.

Death is the enemy. I am LIFE. These two do not mix.

And the battle is over anyway. I am not fighting to win it but have won it already. I stand before you, wearing a crown, as King of kings. I hold both keys to life and keys to death. I have all authority over both realms. That is what the keys are for. Not so that I can use death for my means, but so that I can show the enemy continually for the fool he is. (Mt 16:19; Rev 1:18)

A man who wears two uniforms will suffocate and trip on his boots. Swing two swords at once and decapitate an arm or a leg. A soldier like this is laughable on film, yet many act the same. While swimming in their sins, they convince themselves no one sees it. They walk in the shadow of death, muttering about the lack of light when I have all the light they will ever need.

I am the light of the world. I display the heart of the Father and the heart of the Spirit. And we see everything. There is not a crack or crevice, not a sunless cave we do not know and fully view. (Jn 8:12; Jn 14:9-11) There is not one man's heart we do not know in completeness. Darkness is no barrier. We see through it. (Ps 139:12)

This is a weight we should not have to bear.

Do you despise me, O man that we created? Do you look at our reflection and not see yourself? You hear love and call it bondage. You see freedom and call it death. You embrace death, you swear vows to it, not seeing the pit you have fallen in.

Hear the heart of your Savior. I died for you. I do not regret it. Sink as low as you will, lay down in your filth, fall weak to a tremulous mind, and call out to me, and I will come in. I care not how far you've strayed nor how long it's been.

Wash you clean, ye feeble minded. Drink from the well of life and grow strong again. Gain my perspective. Gain the power of my Spirit and the love of the Father, who is the Source of all things.

Come into my kingdom and see what I can do with you here. See what amazing things I have done with others. Get a glimpse of heaven and my will on earth and never look back at your old ways again. There is nothing to be gained back there but great things ahead of you and knowledge and wisdom and truth and peace and patience and abundance of life spun at my hands.

See the nail prints? Joy comes from it.

I saw not the shame nor the mental torment nor the pain of punishment. I had joy in those my death would save. I saw the love of my Father. I knew His Spirit would resurrect me. I saw the faces of the many the life in me would change. I saw a victorious church without spot or wrinkle. I saw an army of soldiers, a church dedicated to me. (Heb 12:2; Eph 5:27)

I saw you in it.

Come. Let us plead together, and I will make thee white as snow. Whiter than snow even. And shining glorious, joyful in my kingdom. (Is 1:18)

“It seems too good to be true,” you say.

But it is true, and there is no available substitute. You honor heroes made of legends but turn your back on me. I will continue calling. I will keep speaking your name. In faith that you will hear me and turn and be saved.

See not what you are nor the false image of what you think you could be. Many are lost because they trust in the lies painted by the enemy. There is no advancement with him, no better standing, no crown of victory. The crown is mine and victory, mine as well.

Open your eyes and see the depths you stand in. Open your ears and hear my love for you. Hear me calling your name. Come to the river where life flows and become one of my saints. Forgiven for no other reason than that I could not refuse. My love for men and women is too huge. And the gates of heaven wide open.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author