Note: I heard this poem in its entirety on September 16, 2021, before I got out of bed. I did not write it. The Holy Spirit did. Now and then, someone leaves a comment indicating what a “good job” I did writing something. I want to be sure you know I did no writing at all. On this or any other prophetic word. If it is in first person and the LORD is speaking, then He wrote it not me. He chose the title. Also, once more, I am not a prophet. I must stress this. I am a writer who God speaks through.


There is no discount gospel. Buy here! Buy now! Only $9.95.

No, BOGO. Buy one, get one Scriptures for half price.

No, low-price sale. Two for one if you shop from 10 to 5.

It's all or nothing. You're in or you're out. ALL FOR ME or else you have nothing at all.

There's no sip now and then, but otherwise, "I'm fine."

Take a sip, you'll want a bucket. Have a bucket, you'll want a fountain, an ever-living source of MY FLAME.

There's no pick and choose. This half but not that one. Some, but not all.

No, "God of this, but not the other."

I am God of the whole earth. North and South, East and West, and all the way around the middle.

I am God of all.

I am God of governments, God of nations, God of oceans, continents, and worlds.

I am God if you believe me, and I'm God if you don't.

It's not, "You can be God of this place but not that one."

God here, but not over there.

I am God of everything. Every tongue, every tribe, every nation. Every language, dead and living, around the world.

Every history of any event, know that I was there. And ruled over it.

I am King of all. King of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.

I am it. I am everything. In all things, at every hour, from the beginning of time.

I am Master, Creator, Redeemer. Savior of the world. I am the Head, the Top Dog. I AM the I AM of it or else it does not exist at all.

I am who you pray to. Period. If you pray to an idol. I am listening. If you pray to a wall, I'm there, too. Whatever you worship, know that I see you.

I read what you type on your computer or on your phone.

I've read every book, magazine, and newspaper article.

Every song, I know who sang it, and I remember all the words.

I know what you're thinking, there in the corner, in the dark, alone, and I am there with you, whether you know it or not.

I am eternal, everlasting, always, and forever. All knowing. All seeing. I ALONE AM GOD.

There is no other God before me. No other God in heaven or anywhere else on earth.

It's my way or the highway. My truth or else great deception and willful ignorance.

Come, all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take, eat, and learn of me, and I will fill your being. I will heal your heart.

I am in all things and in control of all things. They are mine to do with as I choose.

I am it. All there is and more than enough. God of abundance. God of supply. Of blessing and NOT the curse.

What you speak, I hear it. What you blaspheme, I know if you meant it or not.

When you praise, I know who you truly worship.

When you hunger, I know for what.

There is nothing outside of me, no other Almighty God. I am Ruler. Provider. Power of heaven that raised Christ back to life.

My will is what will happen.

There is no other ending. No alternate choice.

I am the Way forward. The only route to heaven. Or you are completely lost.

Walk my path or you will stumble. Take my hand or you will never make it home.

The enemy is real. I've worked SO HARD to prove it and given you the power of my victory over hell.

Why listen to a liar? Why choose to bow to a defeated foe? Why flounder in the mire when I'm willing and able to lift you out.

Why choose hate, when I am love? Why worry about anything, when I am peace? Why suffer, when I've provided healing? Why wonder about truth, when I know all things?

Won't you call, so I can answer? Won't you seek, so I can find?

Won't you linger?

Suzanne D. Williams, Author