Do It My Way

On September 28, 2021, I saw the Earth as a dial spinning both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Round and round and around she goes and where she stops nobody knows. Except I know. I was there at the beginning, and I've planned the end. I know every detail of everything and every person down to what they had for breakfast. I see not (only) the man with a limp, but I know the instant that caused the limp and the limp down to its source.

I know the enemy. He can hide nothing from me. I see it all, and he's defeated. I defeated him and provided you with all you need to live above him, so why do you give into his deception? Why model yourself after him and after the world where he holds sway? Why hand the keys of your liberty to a fallen foe? It is as if the victor of a war turned back and bowed to defeat. Would Caesar have destroyed his empire this way?

And why live according to the world's dictates? Would you hire an illiterate man to teach languages? This is what you've done. The wisdom of this world is no wisdom at all. (1Co 1:20) For all they think they know, they know nothing. They are the dog telling its master how to run the vacuum. As intelligent as canines are they cannot do this. Yet you've handed those with worldly knowledge and limited mindsets positions of power and anointing.

A man living outside of Christ, not in MY KINGDOM, cannot rule with MY ANOINTING. This is letting the cart carry the horse, silly and stupid. True wisdom comes only from me, and a man or woman of wisdom must be connected to me. (1Co 1:30)

Back to the vacuum. You can push it across every room without plugging it in, and you will accomplish nothing. A farmer can drive his tractor back and forth in the fields without having a tiller or spreading seed and all he's done is waste his time. The entire process of success is solely mine. A man or woman of God must follow the Spirit of God in order to avoid the ignorance of the flesh.

You marvel because one hears from me, these great and mighty words. “How does she do it? How does she hear so much?” Even now, you think she thought all this up. Most assuredly, she did not. She has practiced listening and chosen to turn off the voice of the world. She knows the closer she bends her ear to mine, the more truth she will get.

This is available to all. I am available to all. Most do not take the time for me. So the few who do, the handful who hear me, seem like anomalies. But that is not my plan. I need leaders from all societies who will put me first. In wisdom. In reactions. In response to others. I need those who will hear and do what I ask of them, no matter how odd it seems.

I need you to not do it your way but to do it mine. Don't pray and ask for your inheritance in order to waste it on riotous living. You act like that son is a rare and unusual thing. No, there are far too many who profess godliness while polishing their self-imposed chains. (Lk 15:13)

“The few, the proud,” as the saying goes. Ask a soldier about following orders and learn from it. Ask if they could upstage their leader. He (the leader) says, "Go here," but they decide to do their own thing. How much more does this apply to the God of ALL things? I AM HE who said, "Light be!" and it came from the depths of me.

What you know is a molecule in a great sea. Accept this first then take my hand and learn of me. See where being close to the God of the universe takes you, and live as I designed you to live, in wisdom, success, health, and prosperity.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author