As It Was

The morning of September 13, 2021
, I saw an American flag and in front of it were G.I Joe figures of American soldiers, frozen in various working positions. There were also paper cutouts of American icons like Frank Sinatra. As he came forward in the vision, the spotlight landed on him.

I heard, "Classic culture."

The LORD says:
I will cause a return to classic culture, to American ideals and figures of bygone eras. Imperfect people, yes, but with patriotism and love for country (that) this generation lacks.

I will turn back the clock to your grandmother's age (the 1940s and 1950s) and RESET and REALIGN how many think.

Give honor where honor is due. Respect the flag and the offices of government created by your forebears. Show gratitude for being a citizen of a free country. Be thankful for your freedom to live and work and find education. Throw off the shackles of socialism and communism.

Cannot you see these are ideologies not created by me? This is a spiritual battle. (Eph 6:12) I came to earth to bring liberty. I defeated death and all the effects of death, so you did not have to put up with it.

I gave you, the church, MY AUTHORITY. Demonic forces can only operate amongst you because you allow it. (Lk 10:19)

What were my words? If a blind man leads another blind man forward, then both will fall into the ditch. In this same way, if you elect a blind man, then the entire nation will stumble and fall into ruin. (Mt 15:14)

You cannot expect godly wisdom from anyone who is still walking in the darkness, and there is no other form of righteousness but mine. (1Cor 2:24; Rm 5:17; Rm 6:18) Intellectualism, having much knowledge and knowing a great amount of facts, even quoting reams of history, or being an expert at science and engineering, does not make a man or woman wise. Many have been smart and died without salvation.

Money and talent don’t secure a place in heaven either. Money causes a love of evil, a lust for power and things, that destroys the soul. (1Ti 6:10) All talent comes from me, but see it misapplied. A dancer can dance before me in worship or cling to a pole. Did I give her the ability to dance? Yes. Did she use it wrongly? Absolutely. But still, there is forgiveness for it. I love her above all.

I created the bonds of marriage and the affection it brings. I designed the reproductive system. But do men and women misuse it? Yes. Has its misuse caused error for eons? My people die for lack of knowledge. Not physical knowledge, not book knowledge, but spiritual knowledge and divine revelation. (Hos 4:6)

I created all things but (they are) to be used for my glory, otherwise they become sin. Man cannot rewrite the rules I've made. Man cannot redesign the body nor change the BOOK. There is ONE TRUTH, and it comes from me.

I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE. No man comes to the Father except through me. (Jn 14:6)

All government is mine. I AM THE HEAD of it, the original Designer, the Founder, and Creator. Only government that operates on MY PRINCIPLES will succeed, and only leaders that hear my voice will be successful. (Is 9:6)

Look at those who have tried to take over the world, evil men with evil dictatorships. Where is the Roman Empire? Where are the finest Greek scholars? Where are conquerors like Alexander the Great? Where are destroyers like Adolph Hitler? Where is the success of Soviet Communism? Where is the prosperity of tyranny in Cuba?

All of these have failed because they went against the Word of God. But this nation has a covenant with me, and I will honor it.

You think your forebears dead and gone. The age of Washington and Adams is well over, you say. In this same mindset, then what of Abraham or Moses? Why pay them any mind, since they are dead for many years and their forms of government gone?

Yea, Abraham stands beside me. Moses lives in my presence. He and Elijah appeared on the mount with me before my death. (Mk 9:4) Eternity is real and heaven actual. Not a figment but a place of glory where there is no lack but great abundance. Here is life such as you've never seen it. (Jn 14:2-3)

Ask me for anything, anything in your wildest dreams, that falls within MY WORD, and here, you shall have it. And greatest of all, continual joy and peace.

Would that I could send one back to you, who you'd followed in error, and have them report the truth about salvation. But as this did not work with the dead man, Lazarus, it will not work today. The rich man pleaded for one to speak to his brothers when that would not have convinced them. (Lk 16:27-28)

So it is now. I AM the evidence of TRUTH, and my Spirit the manifestation. Seek me and I am here to be found. Have an ounce of faith and receive a ton of promises. Ask to see my nail-prints, and I will show them to you. Or choose to believe anyway. Become a fool for Christ. (Jn 20:25)

Hook up to the God of the universe and watch your life change. Begin to flow in my Spirit and receive knowledge of untold grace.

I will set MY MAN in order. I will TEAR DOWN, REBUILD, and REPLACE, and those who went before you in MY SERVICE will see it, and all of heaven rejoice at my winning grace. Pay no mind to the enemy's chaos, nor their threats, nor their vain attempts to remain. I am GOD OF ALL and nothing will stop me from it. It is already finished in my gaze.

Refuse shortsightedness. Look, instead, through the eyes of faith. See her rise on the wings of an eagle. Watch the eagle fly again in a new and better way. See Lady Liberty hold her flame much taller under Lincoln's delighted gaze. And look at the presidency, look closely, there is one man there for eternity, one whose name lies upon the place. If for no one else, I restore my people America in George Washington's name.

Did you honestly think him forgotten and but a memory from a bygone age?

Nay, he is present and central. He was chosen for this place. He succeeded because I blessed him, and he is forever revered because of MY NAME. What makes a leader is godliness and servanthood. The higher you climb, the more people you serve, and the greater the enemy's opposition. But I am above the old fool still, and he remains defeated, and this nation under God shall be for all people as it has been, a place of my salvation.

As it was, so shall it be once more. I have declared it and do set my seal, this 13th day of September 2021.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author