Game Over

You don’t understand, you foul, worthless, scum enemy. You don’t understand at all. In the game of life, those in Christ always win. There is no other option.

You cannot steal our salvation. You cannot take our peace of mind or silence our testimony. Some may go to their reward, but that’s just it, they are rewarded. And those of us who are alive and remain will rise up and fight you that much harder.

See this blood? See it? Look closely now because it’s Jesus’ blood. Jesus’ blood, still living on the altars of heaven, a reminder of His victory and your awesome defeat. It’s His blood which seals the covenant He cut with His flesh that opened the door to our freedom.

You walked right into His game plan, too stupid to know it. He had you right where He wanted you then, and He has you right where He wants you today. Under our feet. Under His power. Triumphed over. Revealed for the thief, the snake, that you really are.

Liar. Deceiver. We know all about you. And you cannot go against the Name that is above all names. You cannot rise above the throne of heaven. You cannot outweigh, out-maneuver, out-play Him. He’s forever on his A-game. Forever holding the ball.

He’s the Referee. The Start and the Finish lines. He owns the goal. He keeps the score.

You just watch. Just watch and see as the earth fills with His Presence. As He exposes everything you’ve done. You can’t avoid it. You can’t prevent it. You can’t run and hide from it. You can’t turn His Light off. What He has said He will do, He will do, because He has the ultimate power to do it, and we, His church, will fan the flames.

He’s got our backs, and we’ve got His. Nothing will ever come between us. Not life or death, nor principalities or powers, nor might or dominion or any other name. Not governments. Not terrorists. Not anything that man creates.

Even at our lowest, in Him we’re higher than you. Even at our weakest, in Him we are more powerful than you. Try to silence us, and we will speak His Word that much louder. Grow bolder. More confident. Prophesy more often. Worship more openly.

No weapon formed against us will prosper. No tongue of judgment, succeed. No sickness and disease will drag us under. No height nor breadth, nor any other creature shall come between us and the love of our Father. The love which saved us, which drew us out of your grasp and set us high upon a Rock, the gold in our grasp, eternity in our sights, a dance in our footsteps.

Love 1. Hate, 0.

Game over.

References: Rev 12:11; Heb 9:23; 2Cor 2:14; Col 2:15; Eph 1:21; Jn 1:5; Rm 8:38-39; Is 54:17; Ps 27:5

Suzanne D. Williams, Author