I Have Come To Save A Nation

The LORD spoke these words to me on July 25, 2021. I have deliberately made “covid” lower case. I will not give honor to it.

covid? What covid? This is the enemy's last attempt to control MY CHURCH. But the snake has been slain, and these are but muscle spasms, the leftover rage of a defeated enemy. Look upon the battlefield and see me reign victorious. See MY GLORY sweep across the land and fill every one of the waste places. There is nothing hidden that I will not reveal, nothing concealed which shall not soon be in the open.

And I saw as it were, a kingdom, and a nation within a kingdom, bathed in LIGHT. LIGHT such as had not been seen in a great time. The LIGHT of MY COUNTENANCE, heavenly LIGHT, bathing, bathing, bathing all it fell upon. I saw as it were this kingdom of LIGHT, uncontainable, uncontrollable, unstoppable in its work, in its presence. And that kingdom had made war and rose, victorious. The heathen did rage and imagine vain things. But the people of the kingdom, the subjects of the KING did rule over the darkness. Not under their own strength. Victory is not of the mind. It is not a mental evaluation or done under psychiatry. It is of the SPIRIT, and a dead man, one who is dead in spirit, dead to God, is alive to darkness and subject to that darkness. He lives in a dark kingdom, a land without light, and great is that darkness, so great he, the man, thinks it is light.

Have you heard where cold becomes so cold it burns like heat? This is the same principle. So great is the darkness it appears as light, and this keeps men deceived. A deceived man will talk about his deception. A MAN OF LIGHT will only praise the KING. Hereby you will know MY DISCIPLES.

A small lizard casts a large shadow in the right light. The dragon's shadow is just that, a larger figment of its own imagination, when in fact, it writhes in the dust and sits in darkness. But those who sit in darkness shall see a GREAT LIGHT, an actual light, the light of MY GLORY, which even now, this day, sweeps across the land. Darkness cannot stop it or the agents of darkness. There will be no capitulation by me. I will have my way in this hour. I will reset the clock. Tick tock, says the clock, and the hands return to the TIME which I have chosen. It is MY TIME, and these are MY PEOPLE, and this is MY NATION, one nation, united under the flag of my LIGHT.

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick. I am the God of hope and have come to restore hope to a forgotten, forlorn, people. I have come to mend hearts and reunite families. I have come to save the children who have no voice of their own. A handful of warriors is not enough (on its own). I put MY POWER and AUTHORITY behind them. I place MY SCEPTER in their hands, and they shall JUDGE, and they shall RULE on behalf of the children.

O, fickle, ignorant man, I would love thee, but thou would not. You instead choke on your rebellion and draughts of wickedness. Sin for a season and die for an eternity. You are too blind to see it, so WATCH, WATCH ME TURN THE LIGHT ON, and see now your destitute nakedness and find shame and REPENT. REPENT for the Kingdom of HEAVEN is at hand.

I have come to heal a nation, to claim souls, to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, the hearts of the mothers to their unborn, to birth in this hour a new image of the family, of families as blessings not curses, as wanted, not cast away. I have come to rewrite the narrative, to restore the image, to untwist the tangle of lies the enemy has spun. I CAN and I WILL untangle his web of deception. What seems impossible, I will do.

"No one can return the web to the spider," you say.

WATCH ME, and watch the spider meet his doom.

"I can't see that ever happening. We are just this way from now on. We will have to adapt and get used to it."


Have faith in God who makes all things beautiful. And rejoice for redemption has come.

O, mighty nation, O sleeping, agonizing men of these United States, O deceived and abandoned people, swimming in your abandonment, hear me now, listen closely, there is but one president and one vice president, and one man I have chosen, with one to serve alongside him. There is but one foundation, and it cannot be rearranged. You will not move the rock beneath it except to dig your own grave. Dig and dig and dig and fall into the pit you've made. Stand in the bottom and find yourself trapped, unable to ascend, the surface many feet away. Only ONE can lift you, only ONE can save, and only ONE will rescue this mighty nation from its grave. Only ONE, e pluribus unum.

One nation, under GOD indivisible. Move the comma. Under Baal, destroyed. Under Molech, burned alive. Under Jezebel, oppressed and divided. UNDER ME, UNITED WE WILL STAND, else it will fall into division. But, yea, I will NOT divide it. I will not share my coming glory with anyone else. It is mine alone and the Resurrection of this nation, done entirely at MY HAND because I wished it. I am KING here. I am PRESIDENT. I am SENATOR and REPRESENTATIVE and GOVERNOR and JUDGE. The government rests upon MY SHOULDERS. I do not share the weight of it.

But I do respond to faith, and there has been much faith spoken, much faith acted upon. Like a man would put on a life vest and float until the boat comes. I AM the boat. I AM the rescue. I am the REDEEMER of mankind, and I have come to save a nation whose salvation will save the world. Keep watch. Keep watch, MY PEOPLE. Your KING is not coming but is now inside the room. And the train of MY GLORY shall fill the temple of men's hearts and things in this nation shall change. I, the LORD of heaven and earth, YVWH, Adonai, Jehovah, and Lord of Hosts have to decreed it, and what I SAY goes.

Photo: A musical setting for "The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag" created by Irving Caesar, July 26, 1955, Wikimedia Commons

Suzanne D. Williams, Author