I Will Cleanse

*Note: I tried to write an opening for this out of my own efforts, and I guess the Lord preferred to write His own because I woke up the next morning, May 9, 2021, with the beginning portion. I will place the date where the older portion begins.

The Lord says:

What makes a butterfly beautiful is its liveliness. Pin them to a board for scientific display and you can see their colors and patterns but not observe their behavior. Their life is gone. They are dead.

I desire lively stones and people full of living water, bubbling up from the well of salvation. A spring in you that ever refreshes and will never run dry.

“Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” (1Pe 2:5)

“He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” (Jn 7:38)

“But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” (Jn 4:14)

I seek not new houses of worship but new worshipers to pour my life into. I desire people not mortar, metal, and natural stone.

Don't divide the land (amongst yourselves) when I've asked you for the ocean. Its water ever churning, it is never still, never silent. Its substance cannot be divided. You cannot make of it into city blocks. You cannot upon it build walls. Its boundary is what I gave it, its foundation, the earth I created far below.

So am I in you. I am not denominations, nor mighty structures, nor fat bank accounts. I can have the stones sing my praises. The very earth desires to worship me. I don't NEED help strategizing. [See also Luke 19:40 and Romans 8:22]

"Here, is where we will build. Here, is what it will look like. Here, is how the services will flow."

I gave Moses the place on which to build, the plans of what it should look like, and all its furnishings. I designed its order of service. I chose its caretakers. I then filled the place I'd made with me. It was all my doing from beginning to finishing.

Man has taken from me my work and placed themselves where my hand should be. They have crowded the land when I asked for the sea.

"Jump in the river," I said.

But instead, you have lined its banks and called your shacks made of sticks my doing. You have made your own rules and called them mine. You have excluded and exploited and excommunicated and driven people away from my eternal life.

You have tried to harness the sun, place a bridle in its fiery lips, and in so doing, have stood out in the cold. I did not need the sun to light the earth, and I do not need men to direct me where to go. Not a sparrow falls that I do not see it. Not a baby comes to life that I do not already know its name and have its future written out in full. [See also Psalm 139:15-16]

But you would direct me into place there too. I give life. You say, "Instead, we choose death," for this one or that one. You make yourself God while rolling in blood and excess.

AN ABOMINATION to me. I alone am God. I stretch forth the boundaries of earth. I decide where the sea hits the land, and I choose worshipers whomever I will. Those filled with my Spirit will see them and love them. Those suffused with pride will not.

Here is the dividing line, and you have raised it. You've crammed the ocean into a drinking glass and will drown in the spill. With your houses aplenty floating around you and empty barren pews.

(May 5, 2021)

Empty church. Empty pews. Empty vessels in the pews. A broken faucet. A rusted tap. Cobwebs where supply should be. An echo in the house where once was Presence.

I am not a house. I am not a pew. I am not the empty vessel. I am not the rusted, unused tap. I am what fills the tap, what fills the vessel, what fills the pew, what flows in the house.

I am the air, but not stagnant air, musty air, smelly air through old air systems. I am a cooling breeze, a rising wind, a powerful storm, a refreshing breath.

I am the light in the house. I am the air the occupants breathe. I am the moisture by which all things consist. I am what made the tree that makes up the pew. I formed the soil that makes up the vessel. I am the energy that built the house.

And my house that I BUILT, that is made up of ME, I will cleanse in this hour. And renew. And refit. And refill.

I WILL DO IT because MY PEOPLE have prayed, and when did I ever not answer prayer? When did I refuse to hear? When did I refuse to act in response? When have I become deaf and cold and uncaring? I do not overlook your (unconfessed) sin, so (therefore) I see your prayers. I do not fail to hear cries of desperation, so (therefore) I hear every word spoken. I see faith, and I always respond to it.

I have not come to eliminate the church but to fill it with sincere worshippers, with leaders who have hold of my heart, with those whose desire is for me.

I will wash her of pride and arrogance, of great, unimaginable sins. Of greed. Of selfishness. There is no place IN ME for shadows to abide. I will cleanse her of darkness, of drought, of leperousness.

I will take what's scarlet, what's diseased, and wash it white as snow and make of this new vessel, something grand by MY DESIGN. I will then fill it to overflowing and place it in the marketplace. In town squares, in colleges, in high schools, and elementaries. You will SEE ME in restaurants, in banks, in retail businesses. People will go to buy lumber and find God as well. [See also Isaiah 1:18]

I will fill nurseries. Newborns will babble my praises because I saved them from desolation.

I will fill hospitals, nursing homes, stadiums with MY PRESENCE, and doctors will tremble while walking down the hall. Entire cancer wards will be emptied. Nurses will be caught up in the presence of God. Sports teams will kneel before THEIR MAKER and stand for their flag. I will see to it. Expect this.

This is MY LAND from California to the New York highlands. And across the oceans into MY UNITED KINGDOM and from there into all parts of Europe and from thence into Asia. I will be seen in Moscow. I will be seen in Beijing and Osaka and North Korea and into the Middle East. Whole tribes of Africans will turn to me, and I'll send to them GREAT SUPPLY for their needs. Abundance where it has never been before and a sweep of healing from disease. I will fill Australia and New Zealand and the islands of the oceans. I will make of Buddhist temples, houses of worship.

I will do it because it pleases me, and no fallible man will stop me. The only ones who will lose out are those who have tempted me too long. To them, the FALL will be great, great distance, great thud. I will not allow their darkness to continue but will remove them and replace them with people of light, set in MY KINGDOM of light, to spread more light and drive out the darkness that has consumed this land.

I AM even now on your doorstep. The hem of MY GARMENT has entered the building, and its walls have begun to shake. 

Hold fast, stand firm, and watch the dust fly around you. Then see what's left when I'm done. A solid foundation, a ROCK, more than enough to build upon. Enough supply for many thirsty vessels. Water in abundance to be shared amongst the nations while your enemies lie writhing in the dust.

The mouth of the Lord decrees it. The earth is mine and all her fullness. I AM her MAKER, Adonai and Lord of Hosts. I AM her supply, and I WILL use that supply as I see fit.

Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

Suzanne D. Williams, Author