Because of Water

On May 5, 2020, the following word was spoken to me by the Holy Spirit:

Even if it's just a drip, water will eventually fill a container. Even if it's a tiny crack, the leak will eventually empty a great dam.

All it takes is a spark to set a forest blazing, but an empty container cannot put it out. Nor provide a drink to even a mouse.

You must stay filled. Be being filled continually. In preparation for the need of others.

What if you were full when the fire started? You could have doused it. You could have given that thirsty one a drink. The water in you could have watered the seeds planted in someone's heart and caused them to sprout.

If you fight fire with fire, both you and the other man will suffocate in the smoke. Anger, hatred, and bitterness are a fire that consumes the soul. Whereas godly love is like water, but like water it must be dug for and stored. Like water, if you ignore it, it stagnates and evaporates, then you no longer have any.

Cultivating your water must be done daily. Each day, you put out a jar to catch the rain. Each day, you carry a jar to the river. Each day, you dig deeper in the well. Each day, you go to the source and drink deep. You stir the water up. You cover it, so frogs don't swim in it.

Not only a cupful, but a bowl, then a jar, then a lake, until you have so much water that other lives find it.

"Let's go to her house, she has plenty."

Did not I say your cup would run over? Did not the widow's supply never run out? Did not I promise exceeding abundance? I rained down manna, as much as was needed. I sent quail until they swam in them. Elisha spake, and there came abundance of rain.

Get ready for the overflow. Borrow jars aplenty then borrow some more, and I will fill them. Dig wells and tap into my water supply. Go stand in the rain and soak up all you can then return the jars FULL, open up the well to others, give freely and receive more than enough in return. Bump shoulders with men in the marketplace and fling a few drops on them.

You do not know what God in you will do in others because they came in contact with the water you carry. You do not know who will follow the footprints you left in the sand, wet footprints across a desert leading to an oasis of beauty and peace. A refuge.

Why? Because of water. Living water bubbling up continually, a spring that will never run dry, made pure by the earth, tended by you, the gardener, and enjoyed by many. By any who happen there.

Be the shelter in a storm, the one place the raging winds cannot come. Be the warehouse of blessings obtainable by any (who are) searching. Be the river that feeds the land.

Image by Jill Fulton from Pixabay

Suzanne D. Williams, Author